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20-02-2008 10:09


What was the goal of this upgrade ?
To improve speed and fix a lot of bugs. However, also some (small) new features have been added.

What bugs have been fixed, and what features have been added ?
See the list of all changes (Forum -> Announcements -> Syrnias update CHANGES).

Has the upgrade changed my character/skills or items ?
No, your character should be the same as before the upgrade, the only difference is that your character is not wearing any items when you login.

How does the new inventory work?
The default inventory system is the "drag & drop" system. Using D&D you simply drag items you want to use/wear to your character, or to the use area at the top-left of your screen. The Drag&Drop system does not feature an inventory scrollbar any more.

Help ! I tried to equip an item and it disappeared
If you equip items now, they will be removed from your inventory and moved to your character.

I don't like drag and dropping items
You can also double click to use an item, instead of drag&dropping.
However, you can also disable the drag&dropping. You can switch over to the old click behavior. Go to the options page-> "Drag&Drop" to enable or disable drag&drop.

My screen size is huge, I have to scroll down a lot
This is probably because your inventory is very big. You can either try to use houses to storage some items, or disable drag&drop to get a scrollbar for the inventory.

I don't like the floating/hovering chat
You can disable or enable the floating chat at the chat options.
You can now also change the chat height, to fit your screen size.

The chat's height doesn't seem to be correct
You can change the chats height at the chat options page.

I cannot refresh parts of the game any more!
You should never need to refresh the game any more, if you must do so, it must be because of a bug (please report the problem).
HP, levels, inventory all update instantly.
There are only 2 things that will not show up right away: Flower bouquets, auction items, gifts from the support page, those will take +/-30 minutes to appear after receiving the message. The message indicator also only updates every +/- 15 minutes.

What are the next things that are going to be worked on ?
We first want to make sure this new beta is running smoothly, so we've got no plans to add new features for a couple of days.
Besides 'real' game updates one of the next things we really want to fix is the rusty spelling/grammar.

How Do I Get My Writing Bold and Underlined in the Forums

Well its not that hard to do you just have to know the BB code
for it.
Heres are the BB codes you can use. [b] [u] [i] [li]

  • [b] = Bold

  • [u] = Underlined

  • [i] = Italics

  • [li] = List

  • [ul] = Undefined List

  • [strike] = Put a line through the word/sentence.

  • To Finsh of the code you MUST put the following
    [/b] [/u] [/i] [/li]
[/strike] after the corresponding code or it will not work.
Do note that you should not use these options too much, as that will look rather spammy.

Edited on 20-02-2008 12:46
Mr. Addy
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Forum -> Announcements -> Syrnias update F.A.Q.

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