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20-02-2008 04:50

18-02-2008 Lots of improvements, coming soon !

We've been working a lot on the new Syrnia code these weeks and it looks like it's done. No more new serious bugs are found for a while, and it's far more stable than the current Syrnia version. A lot of bugs have been fixed, and some new features have been added. A list of changes will be posted after upgrading the game.

Unless some huge problems are found in the meanwhile, the beta will be released this Wednesday between 10.00 and 11.30 Syrnia time. Most likely we will finish the transfer to the new code sooner than the given time. You will not be able to play Syrnia from 10:00 (Syrnia time) untill the upgrade is ready. You will not lose any stats/items etc.
Mr. Addy
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Forum -> Announcements -> Newly Coded Syrnia

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