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01-11-2005 16:06

Im curious to see what other syrnians do in the real world

I have just graduated Victoria university in New Zealand with a BA in english Lit, and Film im also most of the way through a BBmedSC (biomedical science) but am leaving uni now to got to the countrys top film school.

I work every now and then acting in things like Lotr as some of you know and i also do film editing work so what do you all do.

Edit im 24 male, 6ft 3 (thanks Xiao it makes sence to put that in)

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Mr. Addy
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01-11-2005 16:11

I'm 22/M from singapore.. just finished my National Service(Army) and currently I'm working in the renovation line.. It's a tough job and hope that I can find jobs that are require to use computer while working so that I can be online playing syrnia!
Airyl 195
02-11-2005 04:17

Just some dumb kid from a small town in Wisconsin. My favorite activity while playing Syrnia is animating, and I hope to attend a college to major in Computer Animation once I graduate from high school. Either that or developing a bionic arm replacement.
02-11-2005 04:21

15/M in high school I play Syrnia in schol I get A's I do wrestling and oboe I work at burger king and I like driving my car around the neighborhood
02-11-2005 04:43

13/M i live in central illinois, if u watch college basketball, the runner up National Championship team the Illini are from the city i live in, i play sports, my favoite sport is football

p.s. the cities name is Champaign, Il

Edited on 02-11-2005 04:44
02-11-2005 04:47

16/M In highschool. Not getting good grades so I won't be playing very much for a while. I'm not even suposed to be on now. I'm hoping to go into engineering as a career. I mainly play video games, and hang out with friends. I sometimes paintball.

Also I live in the US state, Montana. I'm hopfully going to go to Bozmen university fo engineering.(That is if I can get spelling up to speed.)

That's about it.
02-11-2005 05:12

15/m in highschool.....i live in Montreal, Quebec.....i play hockey.....i also hope to be an engineer.....ummm thats about it....oh ya i get straight A's
02-11-2005 05:29

im 13/m i turn 14 in december 20, im in grade 9.....i am a goalie....i get average marks...... i live in innisfail alberta canada

so where my name came form:last year in hockey before i took up goaltending well i was a goallie and player i would switch every other game, i got 4 roughing in 1 game and on the way home my mom called me a goon and that night i got bored so i went looking for internet games and i found 1(not syrnia) but i couldnt think of a name so i remembered that my mom called me a goon so i use that name on all games i play

Edited on 19-11-2005 21:46
02-11-2005 05:34

Name : Kael Smith

Occupation : Student

Gender : Male

Age : ???

I'm a part time student and a full-time writer. I was born and grew up in Utah and currently live in Arizona (pretty close to Blessit.) I was born in year ???? on July 2nd. When I first moved to Arizona, I grew up near the Mexican border and had to learn spanish in my Pre-Teen years. When was in the 8th grade, I had to learn most of the english language over again (major pain)

I love to write, but due to re-learning the english language, my writing sometimes is slightly jumlped.

Oh, and J, congrats on your graduation. I remember you said it in chat like a month ago but didn't mind to even show my respects. So here they are, and I hope someday it will take you to great places.

~D.F (Fayt)
"If your not a part of the solution, than you have become a part of the problem."

"Even in the midst of the end, light will always overcome darkness."
02-11-2005 06:18

23 / M

I'm graduating college from UND this december majoring in Electrical Engineering, minors in math and computer science...i go out a lot have a good time..i like the ladies a lot .i'm moving to either Iowa or New Mexico in january we'll see which company gives me a better salary
Do not underestimate the power of the dark side of famous quotes.
02-11-2005 07:48

i'm a kid in Singapore. In a school River Valley Primary school. I'm in the 4th grade B class.
02-11-2005 08:14

Damn I feel old now.
I've finished degrees in Construction, Design Drafting and Theatre. Currently working on a Master's Degree in Scenic Design outside of Chicago. I work in the shop building sets and props for plays, musicals and operas. In my 2 free hours a week I play Mazeball or Dodgeball.
02-11-2005 08:15

im 24 m from philippines, graduated as ceramic engineer however work in an environmental protection agency here in our country...

i love mountain biking specially on thrill trails however just stop for a moment on biking as i focused on playing this game during weekends...

i dont know if their are lot of players from phils have played this game...just discovering and hoping to know them in this game also...

02-11-2005 11:47

14/m turning 15 in december.
Im a student in grade 10 at highschool.
I live less then 100metres from the beach so i surf and go fishing alot.
I like FMX and ride pitbikes
02-11-2005 13:51

16 M PA


Play Syrnia at home & school.
02-11-2005 14:10

It's nice to see the variation of all the players in my game !

Im 17, male, live in Holland.
It's my last year at college ('vwo').
And I gotta decide what university&education to do next year.
I'll probably do something with economics or computers at amsterdam.

I spend alot time to Syrnia and work(building websites).

People shouldnt be feeling old after reading this post: There are lots of 'older' people playing Syrnia, they are actually usually the best too since they play at work.
Your not alone out there

Edited on 02-11-2005 16:47
Enjoy Syrnia
02-11-2005 14:21

14 year old grade nine student, male.
Hobbies are gamedesigning, mountainclimbing, horsebackriding, eating, sleeping, and the vids.
Reading and righting aswell. Had an average of 90 last year and 95 the year before. By the way, i play during english this semester, .
Green Beret
02-11-2005 15:15

evil 14 year old boy who plans to take over world.
9th grade, more or less grades (grades arent important for world domination)
when not planing to take over world, i play syrnia (i usually do both at same time). when not doing both im sleeping or learning how to be eviler

"Pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space because there's bugger all down here on earth." -Eric Idle
02-11-2005 16:09

Geez, I feel old after reading most of the replies.

I'm a professor (full-time) at a community college (Electrical Engineering Technology). I also moonlight as a university professor in Electrical Engineering.
02-11-2005 19:39

16/F/Netherlands. I'm in 5th grade 'vwo'..I play Syrnia in school time too, although that's not always allowed...If I finish my college, I'll maybe do my study in Australia, don't know what to study yet, though...
02-11-2005 19:48

i like to do things as i please
02-11-2005 20:03

12! i'm in year 8 at primary schoo
nicknme: ace hole.
02-11-2005 20:13

23, Male, 6ft.

I'm currently a student at UND with Hexon. I'm working on a degree in commmercial aviation to become a pilot.

Aside from syrnia, I snowboard when I can dispite living near no significant elevation variations. I am currently in a band, for which I play bass guitar and play shows around the area. Play frisbee golf, even in the snow.

Other than these, I persue some smaller hobbies such as my 2 freshwater aquariums, growing plants (not weed, you delinquents), playing Magic cards, driving and working on my three 1983 Oldsmobile Toronados, tying knots on accordions, and making out with your mom.

My goal in life is to go to Mars, preferably with the intent of Colonization.
02-11-2005 20:16

lol, why bother, u'll just get Shot with a bow by my prehistoric aleins!

i hold this belief cause who says aleins will be ahead of us?
02-11-2005 20:43

I'm old and crusty at 29 years old. I turn 30 in 1 month. I'm from Ontario, Canada. I'm a Master (Capt) in the Merchant Marine. I'm in between contracts right now so I have lots of time on my hands.
I enjoy this game as you get the opportunity to build up without someone else coming along and killing you!
I look forward to working in someones clan and I'm not into the whole attack on chat mumbo-jumbo!!
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Forum -> Off-Topic -> The what you do in the real world post

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