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24-10-2005 20:22

Strange new World and Finding your way here.
Remember : This guide is written by player Ragnarok, and not by the Game Staff!

Things you should see on your screen include :

- Inventory (top left box, unlimited capacity),
- Minimap (top right box),
- Stats (bottom right column, click icons for a more detailed popup),
- City Menu (just to the right of your inventory, this gives all your options),
- Users in current town
- Dropped items (below users in town),
- Chatbox (bottom centre, you may have to use scrollbars on the side of the window),
- Buttons (below inventory, - Options, Messages, Quests, Forum, Clan, Logout (use sparingly)),
- Equipped items (below buttons, this is shown as several grey boxes each signifying a different part of the body).

First Thing First Welcome to Syrnia.

You First Materialise in Sanfew when you first log on and also return here upon death (losing all your items.)

Sanfew is The Home Of the Jail on the first Island. This is where you will go if caught committing crimes on the First Island.

There is no real suitable use for you in Sanfew at this moment so we shall move by clicking an adjacent town on the minimap (a nearby dot).

Places to visit for work

Rynir Mines - mining

Lisim - Fishing

Isri - Woodcutting

Eully - Market / Trade Post

Endarx - Smithing / Smelting

Rile - School

Harith - Cooking

Anywhere - Thieving

If Unsure of where you are going click the link that sits on the minimap leading to Full WorldMap to find your directions.

Rynir Mines
Equip the pickaxe by clicking the icon in your inventory click the mine tin or mine copper links.
Try to mine equal Quantities of these Ores as later on you need a ratio of 1:1 to make the bronze bars needed later on.

When at Lisim Equip the Net just as you would the pickaxe click on 'Fish' to begin fishing.

Equip the Hatchet as you would any other items and click on 'Woodcut'

Harith Isri for wood to use as fuel for your fire
Equip your TinderBox at Harith. Remember that while cooking you use one fish and one wood per turn. Certain Fish need higher levels.

Endarx is the place you can Smelt your ores to produce the Metal Bars that are needed before Smithing. Smithing the bars into the end product is also done here.

Rile This is the place where you take your hard earned coins to learn about Trading (Shop Keeping Skills) and Construction (Houses and Boats).

Anywhere (Thieving) whenever you see on the players list a likely target you can click their name and see their stats there is also below the stats a link that allows you to try your luck at dipping their pockets. Be Warned the time in jail varies from person to person and sometimes a lonely cell isn't worth it.

You now have the Skills for working your Basic Stats.

A list of hints and tips!

All Skills can be trained in a similar manner.

It is prudent to Hold off Training your Fighting Skills Until you can Purchase or Produce Cooked Fish (healing) and have a weapon and Armour Equipped. this may take a little while.

There are many wonderful and weird items that Speed Up the work and travelling times in Syrnia keep your eyes open for them.

When you level up you will get Quicker at whatever task you are doing or you will be able to use your Skills for more Advanced work.

Problems can sometimes be sorted by a Quick refresh.

Short of Cash? Contemplate selling some of your goods (nearly everything in Syrnia has Some Value to someone else) larger Quantities are preferred by the buyer as the walk to Eully wouldn't be worth doing for just one shrimp or ore or wood.

Build a House to Store your Gold and items. Houses cannot be robbed at this time in Syrnia. You can however be robbed of Gold Only.

Build a Shop to Sell your Goods.

Read Manual (situated near the chatbox or the front page).

Pay Attention to chat sometimes. You never know what useful information may be leaked.

Check Forums regularly.

Anything not covered here is in the Manual.

Make Friends, Join a Clan and Have Fun.

Hope this Guide will Help a few Newcomers to survive past the first few days.

The Reasons Behind me composing this Guide :
Certain people Guide noobs to Valera where certain death awaits them. Once a newb dies within five minutes of logging in for the first time he may never log in again. A Similar thing happened to me upon my first login where I was instructed to fight Rats during an invasion, I never logged in for a whole week after that (I am happy that I returned and would like to see others not having to go through this ordeal)
PS. note to the person who helped me die on my first login I will find you in the Outlands

Mr. Addy
Keeping this game free by adding ads to every topic
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