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21-10-2007 20:49

The Adventure to Elven Island/ Ogre Caves needs careful planning!

  • Your levels should be high enough to work and survive comfortably on Ogre/ Elven. Houses/ farms and shops can be built at all locations on Elven Island (but never in Ogre Caves) and there are no auto attacks on this island.

  • The descriptions of Elven Island are first, followed by Ogre Caves.

  • Location Skill and Level Req
    Penteza Forest Woodcutting 40
    Penteza Cooking 20, Magic 20
    Ogre Mine Mining 55
    Lava Lake Smithing 40 (silver smelting)
    Ogre Camp Smithing 1
    Ogre Lake Net and Rod Fishing

    Lowest Combat Training Location: CL 14 or CL 18 creatures (randomly selected) at Ogre Outpost. Both Ogre Outpost and Ogre Town yield high drop rates.

  • Options for moving to Elven Island - Penteza Teleport Orb or Run the Outlands

  • Using Penteza Teleport Orbs

    Best used to warp all you need to Penteza on your first visit, or when carrying high value items you don't wish to risk losing to pk-ers on crossing the Outlands from Skull/ Port Senyn (you should avoid risk as much as possible!)

    Transports you to Penteza when used, will ask for confirmation of use to prevent accidental clicking. Can only be used once. You need level 5 magic to use this item.

    The first time you travel to Penteza, you can buy an Elven Gate Pass for 4500gp at the Elven Shop there, which is 500gp cheaper than at Elven Gate.

    Running the Outlands

    Make sure all your valuables are either stored in houses or converted into gold before you venture through the Outlands to Ogre Caves and then to Elven Island (unless you have a very high CL).

    Remember that if you die in the Outlands, you will lose all your items but none of your gold!

    For this reason, it's also best not to wear any valuable form of armour, unless you're tough enough to take severe hits from pk-ers.

    A map detailing the precise location of the caves:


    The entrance to the Ogre Cave Entrance 1 is at Outlands 35, access to Elven Island is through the Ogre Caves to Ogre Entrance 2.


    Another possibility is to hire someone you trust, with a high CL, to run your gear across the OLs, then meet them at Ogre Trading Post.

    Ogre Caves yield high drop rates at Ogre Outpost and Ogre Town combat training locations, and offer several skill-training areas, which you may choose to investigate, possibly using Elven Island as a home base from which to explore. This is covered later in the thread

    Lets look at Elven Island and what you may find there;

    Elven Gate

    Speak to the Guards
    You will need to have an Elven Gate Pass to pass through the gate from Ogre side (Handy tip- Keep your pass in a House at EG if you go into the Ogre Caves, they won't let you through if its tucked away in Penteza!)
    Thieving on Elven Island!
    Buy an Elven Gate Pass before thieving anyone on Elven Island. Moreover, make sure you are carrying this pass on every thieving attempt you make on Elven Island.
    Otherwise, if you get caught thieving, you will be transported to the prison at Elven Gate, where the guards will demand to see your pass again before letting you back on the island. You will now either have to buy another Elven Gate Pass for 5000gp or get back to the island proper using a Penteza Teleport Orb (still expensive!)

    Flower Boutique
    Send a Bouquet to anyone anywhere in Syrnia with Flowers you have collected, or buy a ready-made bouquet if there are 10 flowers already in there.

    Pathway to Ogre Entrance 2
    Enter the Ogre Cave by clicking on the link to Ogre Entrance 2.

    Penteza -This is where you will arrive if you have used a Penteza Teleport Orb

    Cooking at Penteza is level 20, but you can cook 4 fish using only 3 logs! You can cook any type of fish at this location.

    Huppele pub - Buy Elven Cocktails or Beer here.
    This is the location for initiating the Huge problems quest
    (see http://www.tlgrounds.com/quest.php?id=10 for a good explanation, Cl 80 reccommended)

    Elven casino - Have fun unlocking five different casino games and throwing the Gnomes! These games are basically a gold sink, so play only if you have money to spare that you don't mind losing. You can unlock each game, one by one, by spending enough money in the casino, regardless of which game you spend the money on.
    The five games are:
  • Creature Intelligence Research

  • Lottery

  • Launch-a-Gnome

  • Throw-a-Gnome

  • Creature Race

  • Elven shop - buy White Horses, Elven Gloves and Boots (Armour 6, Defence 35 to equip), Elven Gate Passes (4500gp)and Orbs for enchanting with Adarkmag.

    Visit Adarkmag - Magic level required to use Adarkmag's tower is level 20+.
    1 Penteza teleport orb (Magic 20)
    1 Rat summoning orb (Magic 25)
    1 Kanzo teleport orb (Magic 30)

    Penteza Forest
    Level requirements: Woodcutting 40 (65 woodcutting experience, 1-6 logs per chop).
    Seeds: Grain (Farming level 14 to grow), Strawberry (level 25) and Green Pepper (level 29)

    Exella Plain

    Fight available warriors
    Recommended CL25 - 16HP with Random fight order

    Half Elf (16)
    Exiled Elf (19)
    Elven Warrior (20)
    Dark Elf (22)
    Vaiva Elanori (24)

    Exella Mountain

    Fight the giants here
    Recommended CL40 - 25HP

    Baby Khug Giant (21)
    Khug Giant (26)
    Dasem Giant (28)
    Baby Canlo Giant (36)
    **Canlo Giant (80)
    **Huge Problems Quest only (recommended minimum stats: CL40, 40HP) -
    Initiated at Penteza, click on Huppele pub

    Exploring Ogre Caves

    Within the Ogre Caves there are a variety of both Combat and Resource gathering and processing locations as well as a Trading Post and access to the Cave of Trades.
    Please see http://www.tlgrounds.com/map.php?id=5 for a map of Ogre Cave

    Ogre Cave Entrance 2 - This is the first Cave location you will come to if you enter from Elven Gate, to continue into the cave click on minimap to Ogre Outpost

    Ogre Outpost

    If you choose to fight at this location you will be attacked randomly by one of the following creatures
    Barghrag (cl 14 hp 16)
    Vorgh (cl 18 hp 19)

    Ogre Town

    If you choose to fight here, you will be attacked randomly from the following creatures;
    Barghrag (cl 14 hp 16)
    Vorgh (cl 18 hp 19)
    Vururth (cl 22 hp 20)
    Rorghark bonebreaker (cl 25 hp 26)
    Jotunghul (cl 25 Hp 36)

    Ogre trading post

    Cave of Trades Here you may bid or submit items for Auction. Any unsold items must be retrieved from this side- they will not be collected from any other CoT
    Trading Post - Meet here to Trade with another Player, be aware that Thieves may be about!

    Ogre mine
    Mine Gold Ore (Mining level 55 - 55 exp)

    Ogre lake
    Fish Here you can fish with either a Net or a Rod, make sure you have spares!

    Ogre camp
    Smith Here you can Smith up to Syriet levels if you have the required levels and resources
    Jail - This is the location of the Jail within Ogre Caves

    Lava Lake
    Smelt Silver - Level 40 Smithing required, 15 exp

    Ogre Cave Entrance 1 - This is the entrance to The Outlands (OLs 35 a PVP area where other players can attack you) so be careful if you click to go to the OLs!

    Leaving Ogre/ Elven

    Unless you're a high-level fighter with a fast Internet connection, avoid carrying valuable items if you choose to return to the mainlands via the Outlands. You might: -

  • Build a shop to sell your goods. The Green Pepper and Strawberry seeds you find whilst chopping at Penteza Forest may fetch decent prices, as will elven gear drops gleaned from Exella Plain and gems from Exella Mountain. Building a shop will also give you something to do with the wood you gain at Penteza Forest. Installing a shop safe will also protect a % of gp in your shop from thieves: see Forum - Help - New Trading Quest.

  • If your clan owns a stockhouse on Elven, they may allow you to store items there before you run the Outlands. They may also allow you to trade your items for stockhouse gp.

  • If you don't mind taking a risk, you can trade goods for gp at Ogre Trading Post. Beware though, Ogre TP is a common location for thieves who'll try to part you from your wealth, as you cannot build a house at the TP, or indeed anywhere in the Ogre Caves, to protect your gp. Be mindful of current players at your location and their Thieving levels (click on player names to view these) and stay at the TP for as short a time as possible. Don't hang around waiting for a trade, keep moving from location to location till your trading partner arrives. Also, thieves often work in pairs: one might set up a trade with you whilst the other thieves you during the trade... or at Elven Gate on the way back, while you fumble around for your Elven Gate Pass. Activating a creature orb (e.g. Rat Summoning Orb) at a trading post location will render you immune from thieving attempts at that location while the summoned creatures are still alive.

  • You can bypass the Outlands altogether on your journey to the mainlands by using a Heerchey Teleport Orb (HTO). This requires level 5 magic to use, will cost about 20k gp and will teleport you to Heerchey Docks.

  • Also remember!

  • Build a house or shop at Elven Gate, in which you can place your Elven Gate Pass whenever you decide to leave Elven Island. This means you'll no longer have to risk carrying this precious item on countless journeys through the Outlands.

  • Any items you put in the Ogre Cave of Trades will not pass through for collection on the Mainlands. You'll need to collect them Ogre-side.

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    21-10-2007 21:33

    wow, this helped me out a lot. Especially that idea of building a house at the gate.These telps also help ogre fighters
    07-01-2008 01:25

    You can also use the Cave of Trade to store goods (such as wood) to bring back to the mainlands to sell. However, due to the gold cap currently in place, this may not be a good idea for the more expensive items. Doing this you can then head back to the mainlands with resources in hand.

    I would also recommend building a house and storing equipment over there also. Split equipment between both the mainland and Penteza so as to be able to gather resources on the mainlands if need be.
    28-02-2008 10:50

    is the -1gp thing a game feature or a bug? If the latter would it be against the rules to use it?
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    30-06-2008 00:01

    How to make money:

    "b) If you have construction level 20, you can build small fishing boats with the wood you chop in Penteza forest and sell these for gold in shops on Elven Island. As boats may not be much in demand here, selling for 3900gp instead of 4000gp might be a good idea, in order to attract customers who wish to make a little profit from their purchases..."

    Why would anyone buy a SFB before crossing OL? They can buy it in mainland for 4K or less than that with no risk to loose it.
    16-09-2008 17:37

    I wouldnt say excella plain is as much deserted now, i often see 5+ players there. Excella mountain can even have up to 3 at some point.
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    19-03-2010 11:29

    you can also buy beer and Elven casino tickets and sell them to the CoT for much more ... works if you are staying long time in Elven ... I made 701gp from beer in 4-5 days... It's not much ... but u don't waste your time by going to Ogre tp and back at every 6 hours

    You can also train spped by climbing the Excella mountain... there are some good CL30 players that can easily die at the Canlo giant quest ... ... also nice Death Drops at Ogre town
    19-03-2010 12:47

    The two exceptions to this rule might be: -

    a) the first time you travel to Penteza. This is because you can buy an Elven Gate Pass for 4500gp at the Elven Shop there, which is 500gp cheaper than at Elven Gate.

    bad bad bad.. pay 2000 to save 500? no, best is to travel there and ask in region, if someone can go buy you a pass... alot of players will do that for you.

    other than that, good job
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    10-08-2012 01:29

    When you say you can build houses/shops at all locations after mentioning 'Ogre/Elven' it is slightly confusing. Can't build any houses/shops on Ogre, but you can build them everywhere on Elven.
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    06-05-2013 23:06

    very nice and informative - but I think you have cooking and fishing levels reversed on the top line where you list levels. cooking needs level 20, not 16.
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