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08-07-2007 22:19

Here is another contest that everyone can have fun with. The winner will receive 5 blue gifts that will have to be picked up at Eully sometime when I'm on-line. Please message me when you will be on-line so that we can arrange the transfer. Prize_Vault will handle the transfer at Eully.

This is a syrnia coded message. The following coded message is related to syrnia.

The first person to correctly post the answer will win.

Here are the rules:

#1. the first person to post the correct phrase will win.
#2. you are NOT allowed to edit your post. any edited post will be disqualified. You are allowed to post more than one guess.

Good luck everyone! here is the coded message:

gjoe xppe bu vofsb
Mr. Addy
Keeping this game free by adding ads to every topic
08-07-2007 22:22

Find wood at Unera.
08-07-2007 22:23

darn it....too easy i guess....i'll have to make them tougher...

congrats to Jester on winning the contest.

I'll try to get a harder one up soon.

Edited on 08-07-2007 22:24
Only users can reply.

Forum -> Contests -> Official Syrnia Contest #33

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