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29-11-2006 13:30

Let me introduce you to the world of trading. Be it selling, buying or swapping. It can be a tricky world, fraught with dangerous people who wish to con you, or wait until you're down a dark alley and then mug you, but have no fear. I am here to help you make sure your trading needs go smoothly, just by giving you a few pointers! I shall begin.

The thread topic:

Make sure your thread topic is relevant.

A sale of three types of seeds would be placed as [Sell] Various Seeds with maybe a quantity marker.

If your topic is vague, you might not attract the people you want to attract, and miss out on extra deals.

The Post:

The post itself must contain various information to inform people of and about your deal. If done neatly and accurately, you will end up with a fast and efficient trade. If not, then you could just be waiting a while. Remember: If you're setting things out professionally, it makes you look good. There are a few things you should look to placing in your first post, these are:

Place in neat order the item and the quantity of said items that you wish to sell or purchase. This should go without saying.

Starting Bid:
To get the best outcome for you, checking up on what the average cost is and then placing a slightly lower starting bid will attract people right away. When it rises, you'll get a clear view of people who are bidding for your goods. If you wish to buy, then set your buying price just over the average. No one will sell to you if they lose out on money. Make it worth their while, and you end up with a network of people to trade with.

Bid Increments:
How much do you want each post to go up in? Depending on the items and the person, it can be anything from 100 GP, to 1000 GP or even more. This sets the guideline of bidders, and lets you get a tidy sum at the end. It also prevents people messing up your thread with bids of "1001, 1004, 1101" etc, which are just silly anyway. This mainly goes for selling, for buying, you'd look towards:

Buy Out Price:
This is a one shot flat fee, which will gain you everything that is mentioned. If you wish to buy, you may lay out a one shot price for an item, instead of bidding upwards. It's faster, and a lot easier to work with. Sellers who wish for a quick sale may also use a Buy Out.

The Trade Agreement:
If you wish to trade, as well as placing the goods you have, place the goods you wish to get. Make sure to set a fair trade in which no side loses out, or you won't get many customers. Of course you could still barter to get a slightly better deal, but that is of course, at your discretion.

The End of the Auction:
Putting an end time on your auction gives people a time to prepare themselves for the last few minutes rush. You'd be surprised how much the Gold can increase during the final minutes, especially if it is a lucrative auction. If you fail or forget to put an end time, it leaves people hanging around during an auction. This does not make people pay more, it makes them look elsewhere for the goods, and you will lose out! Be warned!

The Trade:
Make sure to mention where you are available to trade. Some people can only make the main trading islands, whereas some are only available to Ogre. If you remember to mention this, you'll cut out on a lot of bids that become void due to location. After the auction is over, you can arrange a suitable time for the switch.

Please be aware that if you bump your Thread, it may well be locked.
Also note that an edit to the Topic Heading will not bump the Thread back to the top of the Forum but is the correct way to manage your Thread.
The Poster of the Thread should not reply unless it happens to be at the top of the Forum.

Advertising your Sale/Auction Thread
In accordance with the Rules, this may only be done once per hour.
(Section 13 - Chat rules 13.2, Trade chat is solely for business purposes. Regarding this channel:
b. Buying/selling advertisements are limited to once every 15 minutes.
c. Shop and market forum market advertisements are limited to once an hour.


And there you have it, a short and definitive guide to help you and your friends gain that little bit extra out of the economy of Syrnia. By using the above as guidelines, your threads should be free of silly bids and clutter, as well as help you to get the most out of your sales and buys.

Happy Trading.
Mr. Addy
Keeping this game free by adding ads to every topic
29-11-2006 14:49

making a funny topic always good for me
29-11-2006 15:07

nice guide i hope people will read it and that a lot of the sell/buy topic's will get clearer. and i also think a mod should sticky this
06-12-2006 16:52

Just two things that would be helpful to add:

After the trade is complete, please delete the thread for the auction.
If the items being auctioned are sold outside the auction (something to be discouraged), delete the thread.

Other than that, this is the best guide I've seen to date. Thanks for writing it!
06-12-2006 17:21

Yeah it would be good for those who have just started to get the hang of trading especially for those who want to trade by using the forum
10-07-2007 17:36

good job, i just read ur post, im a newb so that will help me alot, i still haev 25 gold, but plenty of items to sell, thanks alot
08-12-2007 07:31

nice work, nice to read .. thanks man
Raving Roller
08-12-2007 07:54

nice guide
18-12-2007 12:40

Good, I followed your advice, and got a really good price for some iron ore
15-03-2008 17:14

thanks i was a real help thanks
15-03-2008 17:20

Frore doesnt play anymore ;[
16-01-2009 19:54

maybe this should be cleaned and locked?
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19-04-2009 21:20

Does anyone have, or no where to find it in the forum, a list of how much everything sells for at Eully market..?

Thanks in advance to any response,

30-01-2010 21:18

Thanks, this is helping me a lot

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Bumped by Staff - Relevant points to help Players. 13:35 11-3-2009
The Shiv
06-04-2018 17:14

bump since nobody seems to read and follow the guidelines set by the thread
06-04-2018 18:09

They're guidelines not rules, people aren't required to follow them
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