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12-08-2006 21:19

Welcome to Syrnia!

The first thing you'll need to do is read the manual at Begin.(remove space in url) You'll see the link to the manual to the right of the chat bar, as well as in the welcome message you receive when you begin. Read at least the first page before asking questions, or everyone will just refer you there!

After completing the tutorial:

One of the first things you'll want is a house in which to store your stuff. It takes time to build a house, but begin by going to Isri. (From Sanfew, click Lisim, then Valera, then Isri on the minimap in the top right corner). Click on your bronze hatchet, in your inventory in the top left corner, to equip it. Click Woodcut to begin chopping wood for your house. While you're woodchopping, take the time to look over the rest of the manual, as well as this and other 'Newbie help' posts.

There are some helping websites as well. The most well known are and which give both new and advanced players help and detailed information.

A quick 'walkthrough' of your playing screen layout:
Top Left: Inventory. Everything you're carrying except for your gold. There's no limit on how much you can carry.
Top Center-Left: City Menu. Information about the town you are currently in. Links to everything you can do within this town.
Top Center-Right: Working picture or general information about the town you're in.
Top Right: Minimap. Used to travel by clicking on cities near you, as indicated by white dots. You are indicated by the red dot. You may click 'View Full Worldmap' for an expanded view.
Center Left: Quick Links. Options (change password), Messages (private message system), Quests (info about quests you're on), Forum (public forums), Clan (to join, create, or access your clan), Logout (quit playing).
Bottom Left: Equipped items. If an item appears on the cut-out of your body, then it's equipped. You can equip items by clicking them in your inventory.
Bottom Center: Chatbox. Chat here. There are also links to the Manual and the Rules.
Bottom Right: Skills. At the top is your current health, with a picture of a small red heart. Below that, your current gold. Next is your total levels, with a picture of a graph. The shield with crossed swords indicates your current combat level, or CL. The yellow star indicates your fame. Below are icons representing each skill, and your level in each. You may click any of these for a more detailed description.

There are a few things almost everyone asks when they begin:

Q) How do I move?
A) If you'd read the manual as recommended, you'd know that the minimap in the top right corner allows you to travel from one town to another. You are indicated as the RED dot on the map, in the town of Sanfew. Click a nearby town (From Sanfew you can go to Lisim or Rynir Mines) to move to that town. Travelling, like everything else in Syrnia, takes time.

Q) This takes so long! How can I move faster?
A) Get used to it! Most things in Syrnia do take a lot of time. However, they'll get faster as you increase in level, and almost anytime there's a timer on your screen, you're gaining valuable experience in something. There are ways to speed up travel, such as clicking the beginner's horse in your inventory before travelling to ride rather than walk.

Q) Is this game like RuneScape?
A) The short answer is No. There are many skills which are the same, but the game plays very differently. Perhaps the biggest difference is the community. It is important to note that many of the people who play Syrnia don't like RuneScape, so if you mention RS in chat you may be flamed for it.

Q) How do I fight?
A) In Syrnia, if you fight when you are new, you will usually die. Fighting is for slightly more experienced people. The best advice I can give you is to wait until you are established -- get a house, armor, weapons and food for healing.

Q) Okay, how do I get a house?
A) Go to Isri. Click on your bronze hatchet to equip it, then click woodcut to begin chopping wood. You'll need 250 wood to build a house -- and yes, this takes time, and you're not likely to get a house your first day in the game. If you're dedicated, you can get it in a day; it normally takes about 4 hours of woodcutting for a new player. Once you have 250 wood, equip your hammer in the city of your choice and click the Construct link which appears.

Q) I died!
A) Well, next time listen when we tell you not to fight yet! When you die, you restart in Sanfew with nothing except your gold and your skills. Quick, run back to Valera (that's where you died, right?) and see if your stuff is still there. It's probably not, but it's worth checking! You might also watch chat, occassionally some kind soul will pick up your things and ask, "Who died in Valera?" When this is the case, they MAY give you back your things if you can tell them what you lost. However, don't bother begging for your stuff or for free stuff. This is a lesson most people learn the hard way -- it's gone. Go to Eully and buy a tool (such as a Hatchet, a Pickaxe, a Net, etc) and go to work to earn money to buy more things. If you don't have enough money to buy anything, then clean the Sanfew jail cells until you have enough. You'll get 2gp per minute there.

Q) Can I get free stuff?
A) Usually not. It takes time to gather resources in Syrnia, and most people will not give away their hard earned items or gold for free. You'll have to earn it yourself. You can get free 'green gifts' by voting for Syrnia on top game sites. Click on "How to Support Syrnia" under your inventory on the left side of the screen, then scroll down and vote at all of the "Vote Now!" links. This can be done daily to get free gifts, which may include small amounts of gold or seeds.

Q) How do I do magic?
A) Magic is a skill usually reserved for players with a steady cash flow. Working with magic requires gems, which are very expensive. Miners occasionally find gems while mining ore. To get started with magic, you'll need to speak with Bluebell in the town of Eully. Complete all her quests and she'll give you a staff and 25 magic experience!

Q) How do I sell my stuff?
A) You may build a shop for 500 wood and sell your stuff there, or you may go to Eully. In Eully you will find a Market where you can buy and sell basic supplies; a Trading Post where you can do pre-arranged trades with other players, and a Cave of Trades where you may auction your things, or bid on other people's auctions. Keep in mind that when trading with other players, you'll normally want to have a large amount -- nobody wants to travel all the way to Eully just to buy 25 wood! It's not worth the time. Gems are a notable exception to this rule.

Q) How do I get armor/weapons/food/etc?
A) If you enjoy mining, you will probably also be a smith and make your own weapons and armor. Otherwise, you'll need to buy it from player's shops or trade for it. You can get your own food by fishing at Lisim, then cooking the fish at Harith. You can, of course, buy food from players as well.

Q) Who wants to join my clan?
A) Nobody! You're new, remember? Learn to play first -- you have nothing whatsoever to offer as a clan leader until you've mastered the basics yourself. You may want to join an established clan, who can give you tips, help you learn, and sometimes help you with discounts on supplies and other things you'll need. Watch chat. See which people seem helpful and friendly. Make some friends and ask them to suggest a clan for you. It might take you a couple tries, but you'll find one that's right for you Someday, when you've learned well how to play the game and have the skills to help support it, you might create a clan of your own.

Q) How can I support Syrnia?
A) The easiest way is to click the 'Support Syrnia' link under your inventory. Voting for Syrnia on top game sites increases the chances of more people like you finding us and playing! You will get 'green gifts' for voting -- small thank you gifts of gold or seeds. You can also send in monetary donations.

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Mr. Addy
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12-08-2006 21:20

it is nice that you have done this, but it has done many atimes before and people still dont read em so it probably just a waste of time.
12-08-2006 21:26

I know it has, webby, but they've mostly all gone off the forum listing. Some people DO read them -- I did, when I was new, and it helped me a lot.

Hopefully this one will help a few people as well.
12-08-2006 21:29

Unfortunatly, while useful, the moment this topic disappears off the top 25 it will never be read again and will vanish into the book of history.
12-08-2006 21:29

my newbie quick guide was stickied, maybe yours should be too
In that book which is
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That is the chapter when
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12-08-2006 21:51


And yes...some of us do read these things...that would be my whole point of coming to the find out all the things the manual didn't explain.

Always new people coming in to games like this and these bits of information are always welcome. I appreciate the time you took to mke this. And yes, this ought to be stickied or at the very least combined with the other newb help sticky...both are very useful.
12-08-2006 21:55

I am working on a guide as well. It is just much larger.

Good Job!

Edited on 12-08-2006 21:55
13-08-2006 13:50

A wonderful job, Jeanna - I agree, this should be stickied!
15-08-2006 19:18

Thanks. I hope the mods will agree
16-08-2006 07:56

on the part where the question was where do i sell put for 500 gold to build a shop..but it should be wood not gold

also this is very nice an answers almost all the new player questions..i hope they take the time to read it
16-08-2006 08:38


Two points:
The "I died" question. It may be worth pointing out that they shoul dwatch chat, as if they see someting like "Who died in Valera", it's possible the person asking shas their stuff and is looking to give it back. Of course they could just bo looking to rub it in, but ...

For the Free stuff question. You could mention the green gifts for voting under the supporting Syrnia links.
16-08-2006 09:47

While amazingly well written, unless M2H notices it and places it as part of the manual (HINT HINT) it won't be read by newbies. It is hard to find a single topic like this in the forums, especially for newbies who don't even know if something like this article is there.
16-08-2006 17:48

nobody can find stuff in the forum since you have to donate to get your search feature available
16-08-2006 18:30

Izkybunny, I'd think that most people who need "help" might think to click "help." I'd disagree with you on that one Search, though helpful, is not required.
16-08-2006 18:31

Its awesome Jeanna!!!
26-08-2006 20:08

im an newbie and i found this walkthrough! thanks!
26-08-2006 21:27

Very nice walkthrough Jeanna. Good detail.
27-08-2006 00:07

Thank you. If anyone has any suggestions, or questions, I'll try to keep it updated.
15-10-2006 13:40

I am something of a "noob". Once I get the "feel" of a game, I go to
the forum(s). The "Basic Rules of Gameplay", are rarly enough for me;. And I always am glad to learn from a veteran of the game.
Thank you for a cogent post.
- Nice,cruel, old boy.
- - VAL
15-10-2006 15:24

Wow, this guide helped me a lot too! That part about cooking (which doesn't exist) was simply amazing. I'm still in awe.
15-10-2006 19:32

Forum search is not so hard if you're smart, click ctrl+f and write your search word (you need to enter the proper sub-forum first)
But its a nice guide though

EDIT: Typo

Edited on 15-10-2006 19:45
15-10-2006 19:46

Does the forums search only search the titles of the topics, or the actual posts? If it only searches the titles of the topics, then yes, that would be the same thing, rag.
05-11-2006 02:38

retoping subject
05-11-2006 02:50

Why? Its stickied, no reason to bump at all
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-Cthulhu Cultist

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05-11-2006 02:55

You no like the bump, Kermmie?
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