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11-06-2024 19:50

Hi everyone,

The current times for entering AC5 (The lost Caves) are 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, and 18:00 game time each day for 1 hour.

For me personally (European player), these entering times are really difficult to achieve: or work, sleep, dinner, ...

Would it be a possible to add every 3 hours another opportunity to enter AC5? Or is there another way to improve the way to go deeper in the Arch Caves with the launch of the brand new AC6?

Many thanks in advance,
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11-06-2024 19:52

Yeah sounds good.
Maybe make it only open 30 mins every 3 hours so theres more chances but the same amount of time its open.
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11-06-2024 21:35

I like this idea a lot. I usually only get to go to ac5 on weekends because of the time locks
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11-06-2024 23:14

I like Lamb's idea
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12-06-2024 01:15

My vote goes to making it 4 30 minute randomized windows to be able to get in.
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12-06-2024 04:47

Yes, but also +1 to Lamb's idea
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12-06-2024 04:54

Like the idea
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12-06-2024 07:54

+1 Lamb's idea
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