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11-06-2024 11:18

Phew! What a busy 3 months that has been - We cannot believe just how fast they’ve flown by.
We’re hoping that this roadmap will provide an update on where we’re at, and where we’d like to
get to.

Let’s get the boring update out of the way first shall we? We’ve spent the vast majority of time
over the past 3 months cleaning out bugs of all kinds. We’ve closed 380 tickets raised by
players since the server migration!

Some highlights of these have been reducing lag induced by boss kills, shops eating items
when the price is higher than anticipated and a duplication of party fights!

This doesn’t include any bugs that were found by the development team (of which there were
quite a few!). Whilst we haven’t been able to solve all open tickets, we do read and track all
raised tickets, so please continue to do so!

Pirate Overhaul
Since the last update, work has begun on the pirate overhaul. We’ve broken the project down
into two phases and hopefully the below will explain the process.

Phase 1 - The goal of phase 1 is to replace the existing code with a stable framework for pirates
that we can build off. This will give us a solid foundation for the long term plan / life of pirates.
When this hits PTR, we will invite all pirates (especially the captain) to test functionality, to make
sure everything works the same as before. Whilst this is a “boring” phase, we believe it will bring
the foundations we want to be able to build and provide content long term.

Phase 2 - The goal of phase 2 is to roll out the changes that were suggested and agreed by the
pirate discussion group that took place a couple of years ago. These include negative fame
changes, Pirate Stockhouse changes and more!
Please be patient with us whilst these changes are being developed, we know this has been
one of the most requested changes! We want to get this right.

On the content side we’ve had a new cave system introduced in Arch Caves 6. We’ve also seen
2 new ores and a myriad of new monsters introduced. Whilst we aren’t ready to share the
upcoming plans, we want to make it known that we have plenty more content to be released this year!

We set out with 2 goals that we want to achieve for new content after the server migration:

Player Interaction - We want to bring new content to everyone, but we want the community
involved. This game is as much about you, as it is us. So on this front, we’ve rolled out changes
to how content is added - through role-played lore with new chat styles to make lore more
obvious. These lore interactions will include player choice (Like the mine or smelter). We're also making use of community choice, like helping to choose names.

Player Goals - We’re aware that there are many players who’ve reached “end game”, so to
answer this, we’d like to aim to bring new content for every type of player in the game. We want
everyone to have a “goal” or something to reach for.

Due to the nature of the roadmap update thus far, brewing progress has been slower than we’d
have liked. However, we have still made steady progress on it, and it will be coming soon.


The Dev Team
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