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10-06-2024 01:09

The new building event tool seems quite nice and flexible and I hope it gets used plenty in the future.

Since our discussion in world chat earlier today and seeing how people are reacting to the build events in Arch Caves, I figured we could use a post to add some feedback about the experience granted and hear ideas of what the community thinks.

The biggest concern so far has been the very low experience gained during some steps of the build events. If it's not too much of a hassle, I think it would be good if the events give experience scalable to player level even it caps at some point where it's still decent afk experience. Something like the stockhouse construction.

Considering we still had to pay for AC6 access and there was no negative incentive in not doing the event, I think it's only fair for the helpers to get good experience as positive incentive in helping instead of doing regular skills and waiting for others to finish the job.

Another thing I would like to see is combat invasions implemented in the skill events at certain stages, so it's not all skill based. I'm not sure if the current coding allows for this and it might be simpler to just manually send invasions between building events. For example, if we explore a new wild land mixing up combat to clear the area with building events and then defending the builders would add new fun mechanics to the game.
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10-06-2024 01:15

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Combat 180 200000065; 06/09/2021
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10-06-2024 01:18


I also like the idea of a combat step.

Its pretty wild to have such a large event give so little of a reward. Theres risk and cost to get there, and a very long time to spend there, and even costs some resources to add.

Some players wont be spending the cost of even their time to build the locations up, and will just be waiting til its over to play in what was built by others. Id like to see a change to this.

Another option would make it so players could choose which skill to do to contribute.
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10-06-2024 02:46

I also like both ideas.
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10-06-2024 03:21

+1 like the idea of combat stages, and bump up xp/hr for afk building skills.

Edited on 10-06-2024 03:21
10-06-2024 10:35

Having more incentive to build at a location requiring a lot of investment to reach (time, HP, gold) would be nice.

As an additional incentive, those who contributed could get a little bonus. For example, you can examine the anvil (or whatever we are making) and it has our names on a list.

Or the top 50 contributors get an AC6 location with some flavor text. For example, AC6.10 has at the town location the normal text, and then at the bottom
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12-06-2024 21:53

agree with everything posted so far. Really neat to have a tool for group events and they are a lot of fun getting the community involved. Some tweaks would be nice though. Can't say I didn't feel a bit bummer after dedicating all my time to building the gate, staying up late to be around for it being finished aaaaand.... nuffin...no reward for contributing and not even early access to ac6 with the pass costing 40k, having only having 20k on me and it being after the cut off time to get back into ac5.
Some form of reward for those putting in the hours would be nice, especially as mentioned above, the exp was a bit pants.
Don't mean to sound too negative though, it was good fun being part of it, but there is deffo room for improvement

One idea that came to mind would be to make it feel more like an 'expedition' camp being set up to build a big community project could be adding a parallel line of events like fishing, cooking, trading to simulate a small economy being set up to support the work crew doing the building. COmbined wiht the random attacks mentioned above, it would make it feel a bit more lively
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