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09-06-2024 10:38

The year is 2050, the newest Syrnia content just dropped.

AC20 is being built, to get there, you must find a AC19.420 (out of 1,000 random travel locations). To see the new content, you have to carry all 20 of the ultra rare drop scrolls in your inventory

Luckily there is a cave forest at some AC19 locations that are just like a level 1 forest, but can drop up to pumpkin seeds.

The auto-attacks are creatures which can hit up to 200 hp, cause the average hp of the high level fighters is 300+

When you arrive, you must clear 100,000, rubble, getting a whopping 10 brewing xp each.

There is also a new island you can only swim to as the newest skill after brewing is finally released.

That's all I got for now, please add your vision of Syrnia in 2050 below. (I'm not hating on the new content, just poking fun at it)
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09-06-2024 21:50

After 20 years of red chat messages, the pirate update has finally landed. The pirates in protest of the neverending red chat have long since left the island and the update including a new flower and a new aged rum has fallen on deaf ears.
10-06-2024 01:13

If we're going to die, let's die looking like a Peruvian folk band.

You want weapons? We're in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world!

Bow ties are cool.
10-06-2024 04:55

In the year 2050, player theiving will reach a new high with someone going to jail for 2,000,000 seconds (23 days).
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10-06-2024 05:07

You decide to try wyvern hunting. 20 players join the fight, but you manage to deal the final blow, only to find that the wyverns now drop skeletons. These are estimated to have a use by 2070. Feeling slightly depressed, you spend 3 weeks searching for the ore spawns, where you compete with 30 other players for a single ore.
[2] 22:34 Mr Tiddles[CFH]: math is for dummies...

xxx(xxx) attacked Shadowgate, and did 0 damage. Shadowgate had 73 HP left.
10-06-2024 07:11

A new iron ore mine has been built in 2050, can now mine multiple ores..2 per action.
10-06-2024 07:41

The new lvl 10 bosses have delighted the oldest players in Syrnia who have reached lvl 500 defence to adorn Boss Armour. A new player quietly enquiries how they will reach such echelons, to which the response is, dedication to combat for about 20-30 years, 10 hours a day minimum.... The new player was never seen again...
10-06-2024 20:45

Felix is still meowing to an empty channel. The 4 other people online are hooked up directly by their brain drooling on themselves.

Tiddles is one of them still complaining about combat and MMORPGs.
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Mr Coffee
10-06-2024 21:53

Unfortunately the long awaited Pirate update occurred on December 29th 2049. This is unfortunate because due to global warming on January 1, 2050 the Syrnian polar caps melted, and now the 2nd Pirate island is now under water. All other locations are blocked for more than 1/2 of the day, and with irregular intervals due to tidal conditions. However, because tidal mechanics are so wonderful, the player base has increase 20 fold.
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Oom Thys
11-06-2024 12:47

The top Miners, Fishers and Woodcutters have finally broken through the 1 million xp / hour barrier, while Bella has become the first fighter to get 20K / hour combat xp at the new top-tier combat location. Developers have commented that during testing fighters were getting 50-60K combat xp / hour so surely Bella much just not have reached her full potential yet. Moddles backed up their claim adding that he "feels" like he once got 35K / hour afk fighting Yetis which means that combat xp is much higher than being reported by TLGrounds.

Barracks have received some more nerfs and you now need to constantly check and stash any drops that you receive, since the poor underpaid Rima Soldiers now steels loot back if you leave it in you inventory for too long. Moddles said that this is to promote "active" combat.

Because of the immense gap in lvls between Fishers/Woodcutters and Fighters Syrnia now produces enough excess food to be able to fix world hunger. Unfortunately food can't be sent back to rl and thus food is now going for 0.5 gp / hp. Instead of fixing high end combat by also letting it scale non-linearly like the gathering skills, devs have opted to rather bring in new Food sink competitions where you donate food to receive a prize. This has not been popular with players after Pond donated 20 million hp and received 5000 gp, 2 daffodils and a burnt herring as prize. Puddles has set his entrepreneurial skills to work and is marketing the burnt herring as the greatest lucky charm in Syrnia and renting it out at 1 million gp a day.

Edited on 11-06-2024 12:54
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