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Dr. Leski
07-06-2024 23:39

Institute of Study Calmere University
Research Report 001 & Aid Request

On the evening of the 7th of June 2024

During a routine inspection of neighboring waters, Dr Leski and his team have reported sightings of an island of unknown origin. it would appear from an initial investigation that the island appears to be uninhabited by humans but is a rich green island with Animals and fauna in abundance.

As Dr Leski conducts more research into the island we at the Institute of study in Calmere are looking for ideas on what to name this newly discovered island. our top researchers are out in the field so we have opted to work alongside the community in reaching a fitting name for this island. Please see below for rules and conditions of the naming request.

We hope to keep everyone informed as our research into this Island grows however this is still relatively new to us and we have little to share, other than what has already been said.

Thank you for your time

Institute of Studies Reports department

Rules and conditions of name entry

We request that all names suggested fit the rules and regulations of the Syrnian Moderation Committee as well as be suitable for purpose.

Suggestions will only be counted if posted directly under this request in the forums.
Mr. Addy
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07-06-2024 23:43

Pond Enterprises LLC
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I've been banned for less.

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[6]18:01 (Mod)Moderator: Sorry, but King is right
07-06-2024 23:43

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07-06-2024 23:45

Nativi Island
07-06-2024 23:45

07-06-2024 23:46


"In the Ojibway language, the word 'wawa' means 'wild goose'. "
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[3]22:42 00hed[CFH]: A wolf in sheep's clothing? Haha
07-06-2024 23:46

07-06-2024 23:47

Brewbear Island
Brewbeard Island

Edited on 08-06-2024 02:56
07-06-2024 23:48

[2]17:25 Isaac[AdC]: it amazes me how people keeps dying
[2] 17:04 Isaac[AdC]: well i would be dumb if i died again
[2]16:56 Mr Tiddles[CFH]: Working at McDonalds is harder than being a Doctor :P
07-06-2024 23:48

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07-06-2024 23:49

From 2024/06/07:

Some of my ideas for a new island name:
- Skerry Island

- Deep Cay

- Misty Atoll

- Nottingpar Island

- Crespids Isles

- Bloomssor Island

- Duparstead Island

- Rocky Isle

- Ellissor Atoll

- Lamalem Island

- Flemcord Enclave

- Burster Atoll
07-06-2024 23:50


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07-06-2024 23:50


Cerulean , also spelled caerulean, is a variety of the hue of blue that may range from a light azure blue to a more intense sky blue, and may be mixed as well with the hue of green.

Edited on 08-06-2024 07:38
5] 02:25 willie[~HaJ~]: I heard it's easier to get locked items from deep in the Arch Caves than it is by digging, is that true?

[5] 02:25 Twitxhy[~L~]: Maybe if you're pedro
07-06-2024 23:50

Beezies Island
Bring back Bex!

[2]12:04 Ascotvale: chazo is a bit like santa..just when you think he doesnt exist he appears once a year..hehe
Mr Coffee
07-06-2024 23:56

Bob. Name the island Bob.
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Mazrim Taim
07-06-2024 23:58

Wasnt pirates supposed to be next?
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08-06-2024 00:01



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08-06-2024 00:04

Mazrim Taim
08-06-2024 00:06

keehails cove
You found 1 Four leaf clover while walking!

Mr Tiddles[CFH]: my mom could down a wild buck from 300 yards away with a flipflop

10-4-22Mining level: 100
mining level 120 12/31/22
mining 140 10/3/23
08-06-2024 00:07

"Verdantia Island" or "Fauna Isle" could also be suitable names. These names reflect the island's abundant natural beauty and wildlife.

Edited on 08-06-2024 00:07
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08-06-2024 00:08

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08-06-2024 00:18

Wyndral Plains
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[1]23:23 (Admin)M2H[test]: just thieved unlimited..testing purposes ;)
[1]23:24 Unlimited_[*TF*]: :O
08-06-2024 00:29

Surely it's Neverland and Dr Harvey wants to steal my magic.
[2]10:45 Cradle[TLO]: Dont forget the part where the Pond guy sells the boat for Pond prices, back to the previous owner. ;)

[3] 20:39 Jeffreyj[Pond]: Without your bans you would have me beat by now
08-06-2024 00:31

Firenzia Island
Starovia Island
Nysa Island
Providencia Island
Augurk Island

Edited on 08-06-2024 02:24
[2]22:47 Borneo[C.]: I hate this game >.<

[2] 04:23 Kitty[V.I.P]: xD You never disappoint, Robert

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08-06-2024 00:46

Most of these are real suggestions. Maaaybe a few are jokes...

Celador - Very pleasing word to say. And prison guard in Spanish I guess... haha. Which could be fitting depending on what we learn about the island... 🤔

Sollys - Danish and Norwegian for "sunlight".

Talaran - Word I initially came up with that some of you might be familiar with... also means "to cut" in Spanish (Woodcutting island anyone?)

Anfang - German for "beginning".

Išmatos - Lithuanian for "feces".

Saari - Finnish for "island".

Wyspa - Polish for "island" (these last two are so funny to me).

Cyfandir - Welsh for "continent".

Ugh - Scots Gaelic for "egg".

Sehaska - Basque for "cradle" ;).

Umskurn - Icelandic for "circumcision".

Vaikus - Estonian for "silence".

Edit: Some others, based on the game, rather than other languages:

Cradle's Bane






Frosteen Sensing a certain pattern or level of respect?

Qwerimqwe (or just Qwerim)

Remer 2


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