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07-06-2024 04:03

Just an idea that popped my mind as now we've discovered a new AC6 place and maybe more more. I know it's an idea that some would wash away right on the spot, but would rather see if there is an interest in the community about it.

The main idea is that if we could implement a possible house building in cave places (such as ogre, AC2-3-4-5, Tirnus caves, etc) requiring loads of rocks to do so instead of wood and having ridiculous space to store things VS the amount of materials to spend on it.

For exemple, avoiding to bring every blue, green, black sets on us for dragon fighting, some would be able to store those gears in AC4, for exemple, to pick 'em up before adventuring to AC5/6 and such.

There could be restricted areas where we could implement a house using rock, bars, hides, or any other materials (ancient wood for exemple) like the actual SHs feature we have. It'll allow us storing some stuffs while moving here and there as a "checkpoint" of materials but in cave places. Opening another possible constructing thing name "grotto" or a "rock hut", or something I let you be inspired to name it. I know there is many dwarves and hobbits that would love to leave below the land and living there life in dark humid places, hahah!

Edit : Make that a possible mining skill or a mix with lowest level between mining and constructing for the construction of "grotto" building?

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07-06-2024 08:23

Hard no from me. Would go against the whole point of the caves imo.

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G Bob
07-06-2024 13:35

no. what frag said.
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07-06-2024 17:29

No to building a house in caves without restriction. As mentioned, the caves are meant to be high risk/ high reward areas.

Yes if conditions were implemented. Maybe something like a new location in the caves where you could build houses, and the lava flows block you from accessing that location most times of the day.
The house can't be made of normal materials, but something like rocks and bat hides. Due to the material limitations, its a limited size house, so you could only store ~25 items in it. This would allow for extra armor pieces to be stored or whatnot, but not enough space to make a death in the caves trivial.
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Forum -> Feedback -> Ability to construct housing in caves

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