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25-05-2024 01:04

If you're interested in any of these items, send me a message.
Will obviously sell in smaller lots, but reasonably sized relative to the amount.
Will accept gp, wood, hp, lsarcs, carnelians

13k gold ore {SOLD}
30k iron ore

500+ each of:
Locked Spectre Chests
Locked Birthday Presents
Locked Valentines Chests
Locked Christmas Presents
Locked Wooden Eggs
Large Locked Wooden Eggs
150+ of each Easter Key

Seeds (Seed Count not Exp):
2236 Grain seeds
188 Tomato seeds
185 Corn seeds
1125 Strawberry seeds
1414 Green pepper seeds
229 Spinach seeds
621 Eggplant seeds
19504 Cucumber seeds
27244 Pumpkin seeds
9407 Apple seeds
82 Pear seeds
62 Broccoli seeds
994 Peach seeds
3140 Orange seeds
5468 Plum seeds
2440 Pineapple seeds
1906 Watermelon seeds
1370 Vervefruit seeds
2278 Fruit of life seeds

Edited on 28-05-2024 21:41

Edited on 01-06-2024 19:49
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Mazrim Taim
31-05-2024 17:32

10 per on gold ore

Edited on 31-05-2024 17:32
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Forum -> Market -> Lots of Ores, Lockeds and Seeds

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