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Mr Tiddles
10-05-2024 04:01

If you got any and you wanna share. Feel free!

Don't try and build a lot of small houses. 1 big house and 1 big farm is more than enough for most everyone.

The headache you'll have later on from having to search through logs or houses later to find something can be a nightmare.
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Mr. Addy
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10-05-2024 04:11

-Feels attacked with my 26 full farms-
10-05-2024 04:16

Now this is the sort of wholesome forum threads that we need more of.

Slow and steady, no need to burn out

Disable all public chats, you may enjoy the game a lot more
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10-05-2024 05:26

If you build it, they will come.
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Dark Nero
10-05-2024 23:37

" Disable all public chats, you may enjoy the game a lot more "

100% this xD

A tip for newer players.

Do not rush straight into a clan with the promise of items and guidance, learn the clans and players before you commit to one place.

there are plenty who can advise you and help you, but those who are loudest often have the least interesting to say.

House Location

Often or not players rush a house but soon move islands or something and that house soon becomes redundant.

if you are going to build multiple, get a good idea of what you enjoy and where you are heading. not everywhere is going to be appealing forever but if you start to use houses on senyn and dearn then kanzo and then elven it can be a huge hassle.

Understand what areas will best suit you and your progression and plan accordingly.

Take advise with a pinch of salt

What I see a lot of new players ask is where is best for this, whats the best skill to do...

best advice I can offer as a guide for a long time is try everything and make a decision yourself. there are many ways to play the game and enjoy it, there are many skills and because some have an opinion on this, it does not always relate back to being the right thing for you.

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11-05-2024 00:53

for new players, before beginning combat:

1) complete "the lonely bard" quest on serpenthelm island (https://tlgrounds.com/quest.php?id=17)

a) it requires no combat
b) it gives you 3000 health experience -- which raises your hp from 4 hp to 12 hp
c) it does require traveling to serpenthelm island, so you need either a boat or some gold pieces (gp) to get there and back
d) it does require a rose gate pass which you can buy at rose gate for 500 gp

2) save up enough gp to buy a bone spade (skeletal spade / candy cane spade) or check to see if someone will loan / give you one (yes, some players will be willing to do this)

a) all of these spades can be used at attack lvl 1
b) they all are as good of a weapon as there is until attack lvl 25, when a bear claw becomes better

doing these two things before beginning combat will make your combat start substantially easier
Dark Nero
11-05-2024 01:58

I like what iota has suggested.

I also suggest there are quest specific items early on.

be mindful of rare quest rewards

Rose crest plate, sword and shield, Valera sword.

it might be tempting to sell these items for what seems a pretty penny but do not or at least do not rush into a sale you think sounds great.

they are useful items especially if you do not have access to a spade. what seems like great money early will likely not be so in the long run. do your research ask the prices before you do serious trades and just be mindful, not everyone may be willing or helpful and understanding what something is worth will avoid you being scammed in the long run, try and keep trades as transparent as possible.

Trade chat and forums are great means, try and keep a trade out of whispers unless you know well the price is not scamming you.

keep a house close to trade posts

Early on you are going to be a low thieving level, players can rob gold from the player if you plan to do any serious trades I recommend building a house at the trade posts such as Eully.

this will allow you to store gold quickly before players can take advantage of your low level and rob you.

Again not everyone plays with the intent to be helpful some can thieve new players or take advantage of their lack of knowledge.

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Mr Tiddles
11-05-2024 02:33

with some practice you can learn how to navigate arch 2 using the tab key button.
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11-05-2024 03:34

Don't believe in or trust any get rich schemes.
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11-05-2024 05:00

The highest level thing/place you can train is not always the best xp/hour wise thanks to crowding. Try different places out and see your gains/hour and the average crowding. You may be surprised what is best.
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11-05-2024 05:15

If you do mobile, disable floating chat.
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[W]10:25 Bex[TLO]: your clan tag is legendary

[1] 17:55 Fearn[~FoS~]: Arch are lucky Im a pirate, otherwise Id ruin you all on mains
12-05-2024 00:44

when building houses (and stockhouses):

1) avoid building your main house at a place that usually gets combat invasions during events ; combat invasions during events completely block you from accessing your house ; for example, on remer avoid building your main house at eully, valera, rile, or sanfew

2) instead build your main house at a place that usually gets skill events ; you can access your house (but not your farms) during a skill event ; so, on remer, consider building it at port senyn, harith, rynir, lisim, endarx, or isri

3) port locations are often convenient ; however, i would avoid building a main house at xanso as it often gets combat invasions during events

4) consider not adding farmland to your main house (unless it is max size - currently 250k) ; it is much cheaper to recycle the wood from your house and build a larger one than it is to upgrade ; however, recycling destroys your farmland, too

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Mr Tiddles
12-05-2024 01:53

Smithing doesn't require a tool to be equipped.

When you are very bored and you want to do a sort of 'Meta' run while doing your smthing run with gold ores. You have a neat little potential training method you can create that lets you take advantage of few things.

Start smithing at Arch 4.7.
While that timer is counting down -> Swap into your speed suit gear.
Once your timer hits 0 and you gain the smithing exp you can click walk to 4.6

Because this distance is rather large it's very easy to swap back into your combat suit.

once you land at 4.6 in your combat gear you can then walk back to 4.7 and instantly begin smithing again without losing time.

Gaining smithing -> Speed -> Combat exp all together in an area that provides full time afk smithing with the option to get a bit of extra exp in on the side is wonderful.

Also note that during your smithing run of 55-100 you can every hour or so run down and mine the ores and kill the dino.

Killing dinos with a pura axe is decent exp and it's a good drop.

Doing this run pre - cooking level 100 is mostly ideal because Saurus meats can stack up and help you greatly later on to train cooking.
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Dark Nero
12-05-2024 02:49

If you get to fishing 23+ the only vessel fishing that requires a tool is longboat and Canoe.

if you are Using a small fishing boat (lvl 23), sloop (lvl 35), boat (lvl 46) or Trawler (lvl 50).

Do not equip a rod or net. the tools are not needed and can still break (Unless fixed) this will stop you from working and is just a hassle.
12-05-2024 04:05

borrow a longboat as soon as you can get your greasy little mitts on one + 5kgp or while youre at it with the longboat; also borrow a rima city gates pass and then venture out to calmere and do the following quests for some fast XP, and a moonstone.

Love Letter to Lady Luna

Cleaning the Lake

Learn about Hops

An Old Man's Trouble
Dark Nero
12-05-2024 18:43

To touch on Synonymous's point.

The following are quests and the Info that can be considered Ideal or optimal for players. they require no combat and no risk to the player but the rewards are great.

Quest NameLocationRequirementsRewards
Frogs and Monkeys quest Castle Rose,SerpenthelmRose pass, x1 Frog, x1 Spider Monkey, Around 800 gold to buy from shops3000 speed experience
Sick fisher or sick of fishing quest Castle Rose,SerpenthelmRose pass, 10 Catfish (requires level 10 to fish)3000 fishing experience
1x Rose crest shield
Lonely bard quest Castle Rose,SerpenthelmRose pass3000 health experience
2000 speed experience
1x Lute
Learn about hops quest Sheppards hut, CalmereAbility to reach Calmere island2500 farming experience
250x Hop seeds
An old mans trouble quest Kingswood forest, CalmereAbility to reach Calmere island, 800 rocks (can be brought from players)6000 construction experience
Cleaning the lake quest Osis lake, CalmereAbility to reach Calmere island10000 fishing experience
Love Letter to Lady Luna quest Bidou Docks, CalmereAbility to reach Calmere island, talk to sailor in day and Luna at night1x Moonstone

The Following are Quests great early on but could be considered more difficult due to combat or risking outlands or through items required.

Quest NameLocationRequirementsRewards
Damsel in distress or just clueless quest Castle Rose,SerpenthelmRose pass, 8HP2500 defence experience
1x Rose crest plate mail
Damsel in more distress or really clueless quest Castle Rose,SerpenthelmRose pass, 16HP3500 attack experience
1x Rose crest sword
Witch Bluebell questEully,RemerVenomous fang (can be brought from players)100x Gold piece
Witch Bluebell 2 questEully,RemerYou must have completed the Witch bluebell quest before you can start this quest
X1 Amber,X2 Fox tails,X25 Raw sardines
150 speed experience, 25 magic experience,1x Staff
The ability to train the magic skill with Bluebell

Honorable mentions are the Thieving guilds trail quest and got to love locked, these are started at Mentan,Xanso but require at some point to enter the outlands a PVP area. I have mentioned them but I do not think they are optimal early on.

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15-05-2024 06:16

this is in the forum, so i won't repost, but helpful for speed training especially at lower levels:

Forum -> Help -> holiday suit (non-holiday use) - speed reduction
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