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06-05-2024 17:34

Just a yes or no answer.

Do you like the idea of scrolls?

Personally - No
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06-05-2024 17:34

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06-05-2024 17:35

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06-05-2024 17:35

Nope with Bells on
06-05-2024 17:35

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06-05-2024 17:35

No, doesn’t matter what we think tho
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06-05-2024 17:38

I like the concept but the rarity makes them irrelevant. So neutral for me
06-05-2024 17:39

If they were a bit more common, yes
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06-05-2024 17:41

No, scrolls are stupid and what they accomplish could be done much better with something else.
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06-05-2024 17:43

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06-05-2024 17:44

06-05-2024 17:48

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06-05-2024 17:59

No, its just a random hoop you have to jump through.
06-05-2024 18:00

06-05-2024 18:07

06-05-2024 18:17

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06-05-2024 18:24

Yes, on the premise an npc shop opens that sells them (at high prices, just as a failsafe for bad rng).

Without that, no.
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06-05-2024 18:24

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06-05-2024 18:33

Not really. If you put in the effort you shouldnt be locked out of content due to bad rng.
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06-05-2024 19:02

No. Restricting participation behind a random event that may or may not happen for 5+ years is silly.

On another note, I do wonder if timer length is taken into account for scroll distribution. Would someone who has 30 second timers get more scrolls than someone who has a 300 second timer? Food for thought.
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06-05-2024 19:16

No . The introduction of scrolls caused a lot of division in the game when they were rolled out. I second what many have stated that it shouldn't be contingent on luck of the draw but could actually be worked for as part of the game. Players shouldn't be shut out of parts of the game just because they haven't received a "random" drop.
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06-05-2024 19:30

06-05-2024 19:48


Nobody saying yes has any valid argument for their existence. Gatekeeping content behind an RNG drop that takes years for players to get is quite honestly one of the dumbest game mechanics I've ever seen in my life. I legitimately don't know of another game where so many people can be kept out of content for years based off of a random drop mechanic. Even the grindiest games cap out at something that may take months to obtain. It's been years since scrolls were introduced and I'm every bit as close to obtaining a mining scroll or shopping scroll now as I was millions of actions ago.
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06-05-2024 20:26

Yes to the initial concept that scrolls had.

the idea of locking something out to RNG is not a terrible one on paper, however there should be an alternative in place. there are instances where this logic can work, if you look at games where specific weapons armours items are locked away behind side quests that have an Random chance of occuring.

I am not saying it would work well within Syrnia itself but the logic has merit but like most things is reliant on execution.

the mining scroll for example is great because if you do not get one your not really missing out because the content of the scroll is in game already all the scroll offers is a safety net once a week for platina and syriet.

the only thing is Bloodstone could be an extremely rare drop in outlands for ores platina+ as that is effectively the only thing the mining scroll would lock out content wise.

if many followed suit to this method and offered an alternative which still made the scrolls useful but not locked the players out indefinitely then I am all for them.

the scrolls that are out now well I have little use for any of them but I can see the concerns and gripes about them.

I think the Palace scroll should drop at a different rate to the other scrolls because that for me is the biggest scroll issue because the quest can only be started with that scroll and you have a whole cave system, tiro smelting and smithing, a boss and a woodcutting location locked behind it.


I am for the initial concept for scrolls if an alternative is provided for the content it effectively locks out.

even if its longer timers harder drop rates etc just do not outright lock the content behind the scrolls but make it more desirable with it?

Edited on 06-05-2024 20:30
06-05-2024 20:40


3+ years of no scroll at 12-18 hour logins, its a lottery to unlock content.

The best way to limit resources or area's was done by tides & the arch 5 - 8k action entry quest. This still requires a minimum time investment and X amount of actions with a goal to open content.

This isnt a 3D game and drops shouldnt work similiar to those games, but more of the Syrnia-esque style.
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