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08-04-2024 11:47

First of all, we want to apologise that the quarterly roadmap update has been delayed by a couple of weeks. Hopefully this update explains why!

New Server
During Q1 2024 our sole focus was on delivering the migration off the old server and onto the new server. There was a huge effort involved from players helping test PTR, and the development team fixing bugs as quickly as possible. We want to thank everyone who helped out, it really did make the difference in providing a good transition. Since the server switch over, we’ve spent most of the time squashing some minor bugs, and now the bug list from the server switch is shrinking, we can look towards new projects.

Pirate Overhaul
We would like to announce that the first project to be picked up will be the pirate overhaul. We are going to stay as close to the focus groups decisions as we can - however, where there are technical or time limitations we will make slight adjustments. I do want to set expectations here, this isn’t going to be a quick project to deliver. It will take time to deliver what we believe is a great change.

Now the server switch has completed, work is continuing on brewing. We are happy with the progress being made, and can’t wait to deliver this new content to everyone!

One area we feel the game has lacked content is bosses. We want some focus of 2024 on delivering new bosses for the community to figure out. This is one of the most exciting frameworks we have, and we are really looking forward to challenging the community.

To this end, we would like to hire someone to work on the creation of new bosses - there are endless possibilities of options to use and play with, so creativity is a must!
We are looking for someone who:

  • Has taken part in boss fights regularly in game (To understand what they are)

  • Has an understanding of boss fights in MMO games (To understand what ideas can work)

  • Is willing to put in time with testing, to make sure it plays out the way its envisioned

  • Is willing to be assertive to launch it, and not be in an endless development cycle

  • PHP (coding) knowledge is not required, SQL knowledge would be nice to have, but not necessary!

We will open applications shortly!

We aren’t resting on our laurels, since the switch over, there have been multiple other projects which have just started their development lifecycle. Whilst we aren’t quite ready to share more information on them, we would like to share that we are working behind the scenes to bring you new content to keep Syrnia feeling fresh!


The Dev Team
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08-04-2024 13:54

How about adding a boss between emma and the lvl 1 bosses as their is a massive gap between those. One that further involves non combat lvl requirements. You know instead of building updates around a smaller and smaller group of players.
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08-04-2024 15:25

How about adding more servers with different world settings (e.g. 1000x speed) and even win scenarios? Something that allows new players a play without feeling decades behind.
08-04-2024 16:08

We could use some easier bosses, maybe even throw in some skilling bosses too. It'd be cool to add unique drops for them, like special boss gear with decent stats and a low drop rate, but not super rare. And why not make some of them solo-able? No waiting around for a group or cooldowns, just jump in whenever. The XP doesn't have to be insane, but enough to make it worthwhile (which could be new combat/skill gear from bosses).
08-04-2024 22:15

Wayfarer, it would be a good idea if we had 10M players or something. Adding more servers would just separate the groups, so I am totally against it.
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09-04-2024 00:09

Great news.

Has taken part in boss fights regularly in game (To understand what they are)

Since i cannot apply even though i know what a boss is and fully understand them.. Could we please get individual cooldowns for future boss additions? A global cooldown isn't the way if you are moving foward with more.
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G Bob
10-04-2024 09:28

1.Pirate Overhaul
Yes, pirates need an update, no clue here, no idea, but would love to see an update here

yes pls, we need a new skill. doesnt matter how advance the game is, we could use it.

yes pls, I love bosses, but, I see it like this:
- from Emma to Antha or Karki there is a space, a gap of so many lvls, so, we lower the lvl 1 bosses, or we move them as lvl 2 bosses and create new lvl 1 bosses, and move Anders and Gol to lvl 3 bosses.
- the drops of the bosses that we have right now, they are not as good as they should be (I think). As many people said, most do bosses for the drops. Yes we need the exp, cause its the best right now, but some great reward could be good. Its time consuming, food, armorer, move around from one to another, risk of OL or some expensive orbs. A fast example here... (needs more thinking, but just to have a clue of what I mean):

Karki (crabs only...sucks)
All players got 50 shark
Player X got 30 crabs
Player Y got 34 parrot fish
Player C got 1 Amethyst
A chance for Karki shield (need to do something. maybe give -1 sec timer at fishing?)
Also a chance for a Fish chest (like the ore chest or gem chest)

All players got 50 Obi ore
Player X got 30 platina ore
Player Y got 20 Syriet ore
Player C got 1 Gamanite
A chance for the ore chest
A chance for Anthas club (maybe we make it a weapon with stats and put it... between rood horn and pirate hook?)

Gol has too many drops if you ask me

Anders has the worse drops

The chests for bosses:

Antha an Ore chest with 9 types of ore. (pls eliminate the rocks tin cooper and iron drop)Example:
10% chance to get 50 Coal ore
10% chance to get 35 Silver ore
10% chance to get 20 Gold ore
10% chance to get 10 Platina ore
10% chance to get 6 Syriet ore
10% chance to get 4 Obsidian ore
10% chance to get 2 Puranium ore
10% chance to get 1 Bloodstone ore
10% chance to get 1 Titanium ore

Karki with a Raw chest with 9 types of raws inside. Example:
10% chance to get 50 Tuna
10% chance to get 50 Bass
10% chance to get 50 Sturgeon
10% chance to get 40 Wolf fish
10% chance to get 30 Lantern fish
10% chance to get 20 Octopus
10% chance to get 10 Rockfish
10% chance to get 10 Spider Crab
10% chance to get 10 Mistery meat

Gol with the Gem chest, with 9 types of gems inside. Example:
10% chance to get 4 Spar
10% chance to get 4 Moonstone
10% chance to get 4 Amber
10% chance to get 4 Diamond
10% chance to get 4 Diaspore
10% chance to get 4 Avril
10% chance to get 1 Amethyst
10% chance to get 1 Carnelian
10% chance to get 1 Raipal/1 Jade

Anders with Seed chest, 9 types of seeds in it. Example:
10% chance to get 50 Hop seeds
10% chance to get 40 Eggplant seeds
10% chance to get 30 Pumpkin seeds
10% chance to get 20 Broccoli seeds
10% chance to get 20 Peach seeds
10% chance to get 10 Plum seeds
10% chance to get 10 Avocado seeds
10% chance to get 5 Fruit of life seeds
10% chance to get 5 Grapefruit seeds

4. Tit and Tyro
I think an important update that we need is the titanium ore drop. This has been added a long time ago, and I still dont see people using the armorer.
the tit ore and tyro needed 2 updates:
1. the breaking of tyro (problem solved, THANK YOU)
2. the way we mine it, and the drop rate. 5 days now in AC5 with almost 15h / day of checking every spawn, and still no tit ore spawn. yes maybe it was a night spawn when we slept. Yes maybe we got unlucky, but still, its so low.
And when it finaly spawns, who will mine it? not the one that worked a lot to make a very big mining lvl, not the one that spent a lot of time in AC5, but the one that has a faster internet or a faster hand. ITS JUST STUPID!!!!

This is why, after all this time, people dont use tyro armorer. I didnt saw any player use it. I am using hands and sabs, but that it, and I am looking at players that fight near me. And we have 15 fighters that can use at least the sabs.
Pls fix the way we can mine it, so people can use it, cause... that why you people gave us the tyromit right? to use it, not to...just look at it.

Thank you. Hope I make sense

Edited on 10-04-2024 10:14
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10-04-2024 13:47

All for updates and all for the changes G Bob mentioned and generally all for new ideas, but I just wanted to say the tit Ore drop rate is fine. It needs to stay rarish so it doesn't become the next obby Ore. If there was a fix to the breakage then it needs to be publicized more so that more high level players know they can start using it for armor. And less breakage means less need for a boost in the drop rate.
As to how tit Ore is mined, I'm all for a change but how do you change it? It's not completely fair the way it currently is, but how do you make it more fair? Generally the 2 to 3 days I spend in there a week I find myself alone for a tit spawn every couple of weeks.
G Bob
10-04-2024 14:09

Its not fine, not everything needs to be rare.

Dragon suit is hard to make, a borealum suit its very hard to make, and also the tyro is hard to make. Thats the best 3 suits you can use

If 10 players want to make a full high end suiit. thats 19 bars/suit, thats 190 bars, if 1 tit/day thats 190 days to make suits for all this players. Thats 6.5 months of almost non stop in AC5. In this time people need weapons (thats 3 bars/axe), people need picks, hatchets, cauldron... SO the 6.5 months become 7,8 months to make 10 suits.

And this is onl;y, only, only if you can mine it, if you are fast enought.
And if somehow by a mistake you make a DD, you need to wait again , and again. Why?
I mean I got to CL 188, I want to try and fight Baracks and be a few more minutes semi afk, for that I need tyro suit, and cant make it, cause this is day 6 and still no tit ore. For you its much more easy, cause you mine and sell, you get rich, you dont use, cause you are not there yet. if tit is not this rare the price drops, and you dont make money. But try to see it from a high end fighers view. or from a fighter/miner/smither, that wants to make it himself, like me.
I am not saying make it 10 times more. Just..maybe double the spawn rate.
And there are other ways to mine it.

Anyway, ty for reply, everyone has an opinion. I accept

Edited on 10-04-2024 14:14
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[W]09:02 Bex[TLO]: haha you rock! made me giggle for real xD

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G Bob
10-04-2024 14:15

As for the players dont know?

The ones that use the weapon know. also it is in patch notes.

But why they dont use?

Simple. Pura suit 19 *5k= 95.000 gp. Tyro suit 19*150k = ..about 3mil gp.

Edited on 10-04-2024 14:52
I Hate the dude called: I Hate BOB!

[W]09:02 Bex[TLO]: haha you rock! made me giggle for real xD

[W]16:18 fraggelmupp[TLO]: we are the normal ones, the rest of the world are just squares :P
10-04-2024 15:07

Just put tit amounts same as pura 2-4 ore so on rare chance it’s there can at least get one
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10-04-2024 15:31

Kind of like cheezys solution... then everyone there to mine tit has a good chance at it. So it doesn't need to spawn more, just make it 2-4 instead of 1-2.
10-04-2024 17:26

Bob, I wanted to add that your 10 player example seems like it was used to cause shock. A player that wants to make a full Tyro suit only needs 19 Titan Ore (yes you basically said that, but used 10 players instead for more shock value).
That 1 player should be able to get that suit fairly easily in a months worth of time (or even 20 days should be fairly easy) given he/she is patient and persistent while they are in AC5 (and have both the internet speed and skill to mine it quick enough).
Having said that and thought about it more... I don't think they should spawn anymore than they already do, but again, I do like cheezys idea. But I'd say make it spawn 2-3 each time which makes internet speed less important and also makes higher mining levels more important in cases where there are only 2 miners (and adds a little bit more titan to the game on average).
10-04-2024 18:48

The method of getting tiro is frustratingly stupid.

Ive been down there a fair few times. Like you, checking literally at every spawn time when i can. Some weeks i got 1 some i can get 5...But its the method that is just silly really.

Its literally who wants to be a millionaire and fastest finger first.

When you incorporate moving from the fight screen to then click on the link that you roughly know where it can be, the other 3 or 4 miners there are already rapidly re-clicking on the "town" menu to see when the creatures killing link is replaced with "mine the titanium ore".

Its more frustrating when you consider players killing 4 or so gamans to then be "robbed" by those that dont fight them for your efforts.

The issue frustrates many...

I have previously said that the mechanic needs changing. How? im genuinely unsure...

Even if you reduce the gamans to the qty of ores and only give the fighters the ability to mine. Then its still the same concept of fastest finger first when you click fight. Yes it would engage those who fight.
But if your down there for dragon mats or pura ore and dont have the level for tiro and kill a pura gaman blocking the ore, then what?
Many more problems start to occur. however all lead to fastest finger first then.

I would much prefer a totally different approach. Remove the current mechanic for the ores down there.

Give it a bit more oomph. Theres 13 locations that are down there and could be utilised.

The brothers at 5.9 could be used. Where you can approach them and they can give you some information where some creatures have burst through the walls of Arch Cave 5.7, go there and protect the people of the camp. You go to the location, kill gamans and then the ore that is there is yours alone, bit like koban jobs or friddick brothers jobs.

We could even increase the size of Arch Caves 5 and give many more locations to widen the spread.

After so many actions, you can trigger an event where the miners of the camp have unveiled a Titanium ore vein. Where you can go to help mine (publicly at full timer for fairness)

Im just shooting from the hip here with an idea that just came to me.

If there was more discussion more ideas could be thought of and more possibiliites.


As for bosses, Anders needs an overhaul on the loot as he is a decent fight, just the drops are absolutely diabolical.

Antha needs to stop dropping rocks...i mean what were you thinking?
Locked ore chests, need to have everything below platina removed and the quantities upped.

Golgol is a massive loot fight, but i think this is justified by your efforts to get access to the caves in the first place.
Only change i would like to see here is that the locked Gem chest contents be reviewed to get rid of the crap. I mean 3 Quartz in a chest that drops what? 3 in every 100 fights or so?
I am however against putting the skill gems in there. Keep them with the skills and just up the drop rate...seems simple to me?

Kark is reasonably ok for both loot and the fight so i have no issues.

Emma, should be a one trick pony. Basically one fight to unlock the bosses.
Then new lower tier level 0's should be implemented that are harder than emma, in the sense of the abilities and requirements. But i think once you fight the level 2's you should be unable to fight the 0's, or just CL lock them.
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Dark Nero
10-04-2024 18:54

St0rmz_ in regards to Tiro.

What about a few suggestions.

First one is incorporating a timer similar to when you start a combo chest or fail it. the ore is locked behind a 20 second timer, it would still be fastest fingers first but fives everyone the same chance.

this would obviously be met with a larger spawn range as well so there would be more than 1 ore to fight over.

The only thing that would need adjusting is the code how it calls work actions where it would allow everyone to mine it but once the timer is 0 if all ores are gone you wasted your time.

Another could be alter the gamans to spawn, record player kills on the gamans and the X number of players who killed the most are granted access to mining an ore.
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10-04-2024 19:03

Just saying, but I prefer being the last fighter on a tit spawn... if you practice your timing (and have good internet speed) it's advantageous in my opinion to kill the last Pura gaman.

Edit: this is in response to st0rmz discussing everyone doing the soft refresh by clicking the town name over and over.

Edited on 10-04-2024 19:08
10-04-2024 19:07

Nero, I like you combo idea. I hate your "whoever kills most gamans" idea as then it's basically an ore for the high level combat players.
I still think increasing the amount per spawn to 2-3 is the best idea as usually its about 3 players on average after it.
12-04-2024 02:18

Very frustrating to be in five alone with no spawns for hours on end to have one spawn as soon as others show up. Especially being 99% play on iPhone where I’m always slowest to click and refresh.
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12-04-2024 08:04

AC5 is not made for 5+ people in the current game mechanics. And hours of no spawns is just so frustrating. A general overhaul should be thought out and discussed.
Now it seems that a few have a trick up their sleeves that manage ALWAYS the ore, and I have fast internet, and I have touchscreen, but still I don’t manage to get an ore when it matters.
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02-05-2024 15:24

1) Going hours on end without a spawn is ridiculous
2) 6-7 people in one dragon fight is also ridiculous
3) Players sitting at ore spawns unlocking lockeds all day long shouldn't be allowed either, introduce an auto attack if your afk for too long. It's an active cave which is meant to make players pay attention, not sit there unlocking lockeds all day cleaning all the ores up.
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Dark Nero
02-05-2024 16:11

I do not think you were around when there were 10+ players every rood spawn? or racing Pedro in arch 2 who sat on the side spawns most the day and you were lucky if you even saw it spawn.

this is the elements of the arch cave system that has been the case since arch 2 release...

there is stuff with Tit ore sure but the general spawns and group fights you are just experiencing what others have done for decades.

why is that many players on dragons bad?

back in early arch 4 you were lucky to go 20-50 dino fights and get 1 drop.

or do you want to make dragon suits easier by rewarding everyone?

way back when this was a common case with most group fights even early holiday fights were crowded.

instead of just saying its ridiculous, what are your solutions?

Edited on 02-05-2024 16:13
02-05-2024 16:28

I LOVE the way you reply after my comment, but haven't said anything since

That was then, this is now.. I don't care what pedro does and I don't care what happened years ago on this game. I am talking about now in it's current state.

Theres also been a few players above not mentioning solutions, were allowed to have an opinion, period.

You speak so much for someone who hasn't fought a dragon or ventured AC5, come down and try and you'll understand what everyone is complaining about.
Anarchy(156) attacked Fearn, and did 1 damage. Fearn had 3 HP left.

[7] 13:59 LeMorse[Arch]: Fearn will always be Fearn... that's why everyone loves him so much!
02-05-2024 22:58

i really hate this mentality in this game...

"this is the elements of the arch cave system that has been the case since arch 2 release..."

"This is how it was for us so that's how its gonna be"

The game evolves and changes. Just because it was one way in the past, doesn't mean it always has to be that way and I'm tired of *particularly high level players* treating most suggestions that come into the game like this instead of actually formulating a good reason why it should *still* be this way.
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03-05-2024 01:14

Fishing tools and no more tides! - while we're complaining about things to be changed.
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Dark Nero
03-05-2024 02:37

Pantera, firstly I never said that.

Secondly tell me where he suggested anything in the topic and opinion I replied to.

Also I opened up dialogue with questions asking for more information on his opinion to progress the topic to his point to develop suggestions for improvement something he severely lacked in the post he made.

So I simply said to him that is how it had always been, I never stated that is what it needs to stay as and In fact did the exact opposite in my post to what was stated.

Edited on 03-05-2024 03:31
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