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03-04-2024 02:42

Just a quick idea that I noticed could be improved on.

Probably wouldnt even be too much hassle either.

But when you go to get the Clan info to send it on for others to join.

Was thinking if there was an automated message that could be generated to invite players? Like an invite link and pre-gnerated message could be sent to a player with the joining info?

Or even just a copy info to clipboard like the Clan name and password.

Obviously not a big deal, but would be smoother.

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03-04-2024 09:01

Hey, I like the idea.

While ot is time consuming doing up written invitations to join a Clan, some players may appreciate the time and effort taken to personally message them with a written invitation. Tailoring a message offers some thought, tact and insight into your Clan and the type of players you are looking for.

Persay, for whispering players to join your Clan, and guiding them through the process of joining, you may neglect to mention some finer details of why it is you want them to join. I find whispering someone to join a little blarzay. However you may find a lot of new players responsive to this method.

I do feel the whole Clan invite system needs remodelling. It could be tweaked to contain an automated response through messages, An 'Accept' link in the message itself, to authorise to join said Clan. Or, a 'Decline' link, which explains itself.

Good one Stormz_

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04-04-2024 16:53

I wouldn't be against such a link myself. I would suggest though that the link have a time limit/one time use before expiring. Would suck to have to keep kicking someone who ended up not working out because they've kept their clan invite/join message and could just keep clicking the "join clan" link. Especially since some clan leaders don't change passwords often (or the link might get around the need for one since I'm assuming only those with active permission from the leader would be able to send the link.)
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04-04-2024 17:17

No, stop being lazy.
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