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Dark Nero
23-03-2024 14:46

We are all excited for the new server and possibly whats to follow.

I would like to take this time to remind players any bugs or issues with the server switch over and going forward to please use the Bug ticket system in messages.

1. open messages
2. select contact game staff using ticket system
3. create new ticket
4. select department as Game Bugs
5. Write as much detail about the bug as possible.

Please include key details such as location, work action, what you have tried to do, what should happen, what actually happened. any level requirements or quest requirements.

the more detail you can give the easier it will be for the Bug department to pin point what needs correcting.

please try not to spam the forums with posts as things can be lost and not listed.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the PTR and here is to an interesting future on the new server.


Edited on 23-03-2024 14:47
[W]23:59 Usagi[Choob]: weirdo.

Mr. Addy
Keeping this game free by adding ads to every topic
23-03-2024 17:17

Firstly, you have done a really good job.
The game feels a lot more alive and responsive.

I have a question, what does it mean for the server to change?
Has the underlying code changed? Are you using a new host?
What would have changed such that we would look out for in bugs?
Only users can reply.

Forum -> General -> Reporting Bugs efficiently

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