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Mr Coffee
14-02-2024 23:44

Hey, I hope everyone enjoyed this 1st ever Valentines day event. Please give our team some feedback on how it went. Thanks in advance!
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Mr. Addy
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14-02-2024 23:48

Events were good, especially the skill events, mobs seemed good and generous with the drops. Would have liked to see a community event to bring everyone together but appreciate the effort overall.

Well done team!
14-02-2024 23:48

Advance notice to not plant would be nice, theres great big low level events blocking me from harvesting. Maybe a heavier concentration where people cant plant next time? Other than that, the creatures and skill events are great. The new locked heart is sweet looking.

Moderator edit:
Noted, We wanted to surprise the players since this event was brand new. Thanks for the feedback!

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15-02-2024 00:03

thought it went great, as a low level there was plenty to do, and didn't feel exclusionary. Only gripe would be not being able to access farms where resource events are, should make that possible or if you want to bother warning people thatd work too

edit: i suck at writing

Edited on 15-02-2024 00:04
15-02-2024 00:08

Great addition.

Perhaps a red fairy suit next year?

Edited on 15-02-2024 00:08
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15-02-2024 00:12

10/10 Ben did amazing work with the creatures and drops, finally a dev who understands what we want and need. Puts the effort in and smashes it out the park with the best image to date in syrnia, the Locked Valentines Chest. Absolutely superb!

An unexpected yet awesome surprise!

Especially to the missus when I cancelled our hotel to smash some Heartbreaker gamans!

I like the creatures they feel good, not too strenuous to semi afk. But I'd LOVE to see some higher level CLs, than level 80. The diamond knights last year were epic and a huge hit (and huge hitters) very enjoyable.

However I'd love to see some CL 120s, 140's and higher critters as well for future occasions. Combatants are growing each day, outpacing syrnias normal boundaries.
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15-02-2024 04:23

I second Scary with asking for notice in advance next time. I'll have quite a few farms of rotting Christmas seeds by the time all of these events clear
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G Bob
15-02-2024 06:16

Heartbreaker gaman
a well balanced creature. The health, the exp, the drops.
Its a cl 80 creature that doesnt drop 1gp,2gp,1 ltb, 1 grain...etc
And because we got only 4 types of creatures, and a total of 100...ish events, the crowding wasnt felt.

Plus the surprise, I liked it

Very good job.

+1 on bigger mobs next time. Cant wait for Bday diamond knight

Edited on 15-02-2024 06:18
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15-02-2024 07:16

Totally enjoyed this, especially the pure surprise of it. No complaint from me whatsoever.

Thanks Mod Team

15-02-2024 07:30

It stands to reason why one should still be able to access and plant their crops when the event is resource and not combat. Just because theres a "competition" doesnt mean all want to compete. should be able mind your own on your own property if you so choose.

it makes sense why you wouldn't be able to access your home if it was invaded by creatures, but being host to a fishing or woodcutting event shouldn't render your property unworkable, afterall its not like people would be SFB fishing in a field of cabbages, or onions.

Edited on 15-02-2024 07:31
15-02-2024 13:36

Nice events, liked the new stuff and the surprise of it

Suggestion for the high-level mobs; Nice Harpy, it just hits you for 69 every turn. I dont know how to balance it with drops and how much HP it has (maybe it should be a group fight creature with CL 6969), but the key is for you to say noice every time.

Edited on 15-02-2024 13:39

Moderator edit:
We will take it under advisement.

"That's What"
15-02-2024 15:08

It was def. a nice surprise. I'm enjoying it a lot. thanks for good invasions and something new with the valentine chests. Good work.
15-02-2024 16:58

Fun event, drops were great for me

From a balancing point of view, awful. Drops were way too high comparatively, but that might be more to do with how the rest of combat needs tweaking.

Due to the amount of PTOs used with bosses, the influx of spars is definitely a bonus
15-02-2024 18:40

id say you just need to look at what is left from the invasion list to see what worked and didn't. skill events are fine, the mobs sent out are very lopsided.

also what was up with the 7,500???
15-02-2024 21:49

Drops looked to have the usual Tiddles lack of foresight.

Nice to see a new set of mobs to kill, but please, tone down the drops.

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15-02-2024 23:26

spawning gnomes in tirnus caves is asinine. Low level players get the fewest spawns, and the spawns they get are put in terrible locations or have high level players farm them.
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16-02-2024 00:53

overall, really liked it

main suggestion would be more low and mid-lvl combat events ; on day 2 there were still 18 heartbreaker gaman events, but only 4 heartless harpy, 2 cupids,and 0 gnomeos

i doubt very many, if any, players can afk the heartbreakers ; i would suspect that many players need to afk or semi-afk ; so, a better balance would be nice
Mr Tiddles
16-02-2024 03:22

I'm actually a fan.

I didn't get much time online to play and hang out because I was busy but the time I did get online it was filled with a lot of smiley faces.

As it's been mentioned before and this is something that I personally haven't had the pleasure of experiencing in a very long time is that this came at a complete surprise!

And as for you Walker. That's not a very nice thing to say. The Holiday Mob Drops structure weren't designed or created by me or the current Dev team. They were an extremely bountiful concept inherited from M2H and/or Hazgod when Borneo took over the game.

It is a lot of loot but it does get players to log in and it does make people happy. The drops on holiday mobs have been nerfed in the past. This did nothing but cause a confusing bitter taste as many horrified players said, and I quote: "This was such a huge let down". There were also players who simply just logged out or refused to even partake in the festivities due to their disgust in the idea of removing/nerfing the one and only thing they looked forward to.

I still am very pro-nerfing things so that we can have room to add better concepts later down the line without them feeling broken beyond insanity. But... for Holidays which are only a few short days I am happy to see so many people eager and excited to log in and really put those hours in.

Kuddos to the players who put this together. I really am proud and delighted to log in and smile!
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