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29-12-2023 22:45

Wow, what a year it’s been. The time has really flown by for us in the development team! We are hopeful that this update brings some excitement and joy to the community as we reflect on 2023 and look forward to 2024.

Reflections on 2023

Firstly, the new processes that have been put in place earlier this year have enabled us to provide quicker updates to the game. Hopefully as the team gets more used to it, things will move at a constant rate.
Secondly, we’ve been able to provide fixes to some long standing bugs here are some of our highlights:

  • Players can now fight orb/invasion monsters at combat locations.

  • Players can only log in to one device at a time to stop abuse of timer manipulation.

  • New information box with extra information about certain locations.

  • Revamped stats popup.

  • New mod tool for forum events.

  • New tools durability fixes.

This has been a great year for squashing some of the biggest bugs, and we hope to continue this into 2024.

Looking toward 2024

Obviously the biggest thing on everyone's mind is the rewrite of the game's code, to bring us to a modern era. We’re finally able to share that we believe the rewrite is nearing “feature complete” state. This summary of this is the game now acts/behaves the exact same way as live Syrnia, on the new server. This has been a herculean effort by the team, and the small group of testers who’ve all banded together to get to this stage. So what are the final steps?

  • Thorough testing (We want to provide a smooth transition from old to new, so have to really nail this down) over many weeks.

  • A dry run to practise and make sure we’ve documented all of the steps necessary (This will be behind the scenes).

  • We would then like to invite everyone to a open public test. We will host a PTR (Public Test Realm) for a period of time, so we can have real players testing and providing feedback.

  • Planning for the launch!

  • Once the rewrite has gone live, it will free the team to continue working on the previously planned features/changes.

We would like to leave you with a teaser, keep your eyes peeled in the coming months for something new!

Happy holidays to everyone,

The Dev Team
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