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28-11-2023 10:32

How on earth is it September (almost October) already?! Hopefully we can provide you all with some more updates (Although some of these updates may be boring to some of you).

Boring Stuff Part 1 - Processes Continued
Last we spoke we had mentioned the new processes we had brought into the dev team. I’d like to share that the processes are starting to see fruition! The developers are making good use of them, and the way we can bring new code into the game is much easier on all involved. As the developers get more used to them, updates and bug fixes will become quicker to push out.

Boring Stuff Part 2 - Rewriting Continued
As we mentioned last time, we have prioritised the rewriting of the core game to bring stability to the game/community. We’ve made fantastic progress over the past few months, and whilst there are still many more hours involved we’d like to share some news! We now have an internal version of Syrnia running on new hardware and new software! There are many more errors to fix, and functionality to port over, but it has been really pleasing to be able to visually see the countless hours of effort come to life! We would also like to add that we have been taking extra time to adhere to best practices and standards so the future of Syrnia is being looked after.

Releases and bugfixes
Since the last news update we have also released some new features and bug fixes. New stats information (current hourly and weekly gains), a progress bar for pirates who actively donate to help demystify the PSH and some bug fixes to the way quests work. We have also recently fixed the [fight all] invasions at a combat location.

We are still hard at work behind the scenes to migrate Syrnia from the current server to a new server but progress has been steady!

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Forum -> Mod's Corner -> Roadmap Update - September 2023 (repost)

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