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Ricktimus Prime
15-11-2023 16:49

GP only, Auction will end one week from today at 0:00 game time.

1 Scroll of Shopping - no reserve, no buyout.

1 Scroll of Ancient Wood - 60k reserve - no buyout.
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Mazrim Taim
15-11-2023 16:54

70k both
You found 1 Four leaf clover while walking!
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10-4-22Mining level: 100 (10368516 exp, 358234 for next level)
mining level 120 12/31/22
mining 140 10/3/23
15-11-2023 17:25

75k on WC scroll 📜
15-11-2023 18:22

80k WC scroll
Amon Ra
17-11-2023 08:52

40k scroll of shoping

Edited on 17-11-2023 08:52
21-11-2023 21:37

80,002gp WC scroll... Or you can make a real bid next time.
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Forum -> Market -> 2 Scroll Auction

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