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Dark Nero
23-10-2023 10:58

This game is a simple one. In the spirit of the spooky season I will provide a list of anagrams, all the anagrams will be of halloween, Spooky or horror films, the target is to solve as many as possible. There is no rush to do this as all entries will be rewarded based on the results of their entries and depending on if all rules have been met.

These anagrams will be categorised as follows.

2 words
3 words
4 words

The words specify how many words make up the film title.

Example: 1 word aws —> answer is Saw
Example 2 words cbth eani —> answer The Cabin


*All entries must be mailed to me in-game (Dark Nero) by 31/10/2023 at 00:00 so when the game turns to October 31st all entries will be closed.

*Any entries posted in forums or chat will not be counted

* You are welcome to share answers amongst yourselves and clans but remember the competitive side of this contest and try not to spoil it for others legit trying to work them out.

*Full list of answers will be posted on October 31st along with where players have sat on the prize list.

*Prizes will be categorised as 5 different sets, answer all 2 word, answer all 3 word, answer all 4 word, answer any 2 categories, answer all 3 categories

*Answers can not be amended, you MUST ONLY SEND YOUR ENTRY when you feel you have answered as many as you can. (So once you send your prize will be rewarded based off what answers you sent me the first time, any other entries will be discarded)

*Prizes do not stack, the reward will be the highest tier prize based on what you managed to answer correctly.

Example if a player answered all 2 word anagrams correctly they would be rewarded X prize, however they also answered all 3 word anagrams, this does not allow them to have both prizes for all 2 word and 3 word anagrams, instead they are rewarded one prize, the prize for answering any 2 categories correctly.

This will allow players to choose how much they want to answer based on the prize they will receive. Let it be noted the more you can answer the better the prize.


2 Words
1. *BGhus tsreost
2. *Bjie elcueet
3. *Mocry saeiv
4. *cuscus poho
5. *topry trehar
6. *oooo dcsby
7. *Ennis thigh
8. *geh trni
9. *apishly lcd
10. *Cheetos Trix

3 Words
1. *AD dilemmas Fayth
2. *dominant unsheathe
3. *Addison cards shrews
4. *ambassador truckler
5. *acetal equip
6. *besots hotly
7. *Hess sixteenth
8. *Blevins thiamine
9. *nethermost quads
10. *Deeyn Ernst overnight

4 words
1. *Achmriae rmsastbfre ehgtino
2. *Repsto ghacs Fhety lrndie
3. *corruptor hickory reshow
4. *galantine thermometers
5. *abject Orphic whittler
6. *catfish towhee wickets
7. *impatient vivre wherewith
8. *bandicoot newish
9. *Afton delighted hiving
10. *Aldus Hohenlohe unit

List of Prize Winners

If you answer the following

All 2 word anagrams (10)

All 3 word Anagrams (10)

All 4 word anagrams (10)

Answer any 2 categories correctly (20)

Answer all 3 categories (Every Anagram correctly) (30)

***** DISCLAIMER *****

Whilst a lot of them are horror themed, the premise is Halloween, not all anagrams are considered 18+ rated horror films, some are more child friendly as well. the anagrams are taken from a top list of halloween films.

IT was brought to my attention I messed up a few.

So some words are written in the film titles as a singular words, this may alter the category they should be in, but for the record I will reward for the category they have been placed in.

as a few players have already shared a few of the errors with me, I assume they are not too hard to solve.

Moderator edit:
Any Questions can be sent to Nero directly regarding the rules or concerns.

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Mr. Addy
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