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10-09-2023 10:42

I can't find the words to articulate a post right now that I would be proud of later so forgive me but I wanted to get this over with. My brother, Acup- someone who's incredible personality has rubbed off on or AT LEAST made a lot of us laugh, has passed away via a tragic death.
I don't want to talk about it to much in this post but as far as I'm concerned he was murdered. He was repeatedly approached by someone trying to sell him something illegal all the while he was participating daily in a recovery program and doing volunteer work. He started doing so well that he managed to get a reliable job! One mistake killed my brother, and I'm posting this not only to fill in anyone who knew him on where he is but more importantly to remind you all to check on your loved ones as often as possible despite how challenging that can be in todays world.

We don't work so that we can afford to keep working.
Remember what you wake up every morning for and don't let anything distract you from love.

Its what keeps this world rotating.


Edit: They city is building a sober living home and they are going to name it Joey's House. I wanted to share that with you all

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Mr. Addy
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10-09-2023 10:49

This is terribly sad. He was a nice guy.
My deepest condolences to his family, friends and clan

Rest in Peace
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10-09-2023 14:32

Damn. Can't believe I logged into this today. I'm breaking up right now. Joe was a great guy and one of the best clannies I have had in the 16+ years I have been here. I had many conversations with him about life and other things. He was very selfless and would do anything for anyone and I will miss him very much.
Rest In Peace Joe. You were family and we love you and will miss you dearly.
Dark Nero
10-09-2023 15:16

only had a few passings with them mainly trades and what not over the years.

Nice guy, my condolences to friends and family.
My story is one of many thousands, & the world will not suffer if it ends too soon.
10-09-2023 16:43

Going to miss the laughs we had and the stories of your antics. You were a loving father and a good friend, I'm going to miss you bro. Rest easy, I'll be dropping DDs in your name <3
10-09-2023 17:37

Rest in peace, brother. You will be missed and remembered. My condolences, to Vermin and Joe's family.
10-09-2023 23:18

Wow. I'm in shock, I'm sorry about the situation. My prayers go out to you and your family in this time. He was a stand up guy and will be missed.
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11-09-2023 00:01

My condolences to Vermin and his family. Joe was a great guy. I will miss him.
11-09-2023 00:25

I'm truly sorry to hear about the passing of Joe. My deepest condolences go out to his family, friends, and loved ones during this difficult time. Joe was a remarkable individual, and his presence will be sorely missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him. May his memory be a source of comfort and strength to you all as you navigate through this painful loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Rest in peace, Joe.
11-09-2023 01:48

I'm so sorry, Vermin.
I didn't get to interact with him much, but when I did he was always very nice.
My condolences to you and the rest of his friends and family.
Everyone needs to believe in something.
I believe I'll have another beer!!

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11-09-2023 03:12

He was someone I would consider a brother in syrnia. I have no words. So saddened. My heart goes out to you and your family.
11-09-2023 08:10

Rest in peace.
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12-09-2023 16:46

Rest in Peace. Prayers for family and friends
*lights a candle for Dreamer and Maranda*

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12-09-2023 21:17

Truly at a loss for words. My heart goes out to his family and friends. He will be missed.
13-09-2023 00:23

Oh my goodness, you have my upmost sympathy Vermin, Acup was always friendly when we interacted, it’s always incredibly sad to see another Syrnian pass before their time good wishes to you and yours in this troubling time.
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13-09-2023 04:09

I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with your family, friends and community. Joey's House sounds like a beautiful tribute to your beloved brother.

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You're missed, Farinsongteeth. Always.
13-09-2023 12:02

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13-09-2023 13:01

Sorry for your loss. lost my brother in the same manor.
I truly understand your pain and emotions.
May you and yours find the strength to move forward.
and justice be found.
r.i.p. Joe
13-09-2023 17:36

Rest in peace Joe o7
14-09-2023 02:37

so very sorry for your loss
just 16, a pick up truck, out of money out of luck
15-09-2023 05:01

Wow..shocked to hear this,what a tragedy. I hope some justice comes your way.
20-09-2023 15:51

Living in a big city I know all too well what its like to lose someone you are close to in similar ways. Joe and I were not incredibly close but over the years we shared stories, laughed and teased each other, often laughing until I had tears in my eyes. He was a kind and fair man and one of the best clan members I could have asked for. I'll miss you Joe. I hope you have many more adventures on the other side.
23-09-2023 13:45

Absolutely gutted to read this, been away for a few weeks and this is not the kind of news I expected to see when I came back
My sincere condolences to you Vermin and the rest of your family!
I didn't know Joe personally but spent a lot of time chatting to him in game, despite his struggles in real life he has always been an incredibly kind person and provided me with a lot of laughs and fun banter.
I will sorely miss him
24-09-2023 22:13

Huh. He was an ok dude from what I could tell from the several interactions we had. Sorry for your loss
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