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04-09-2023 17:44

For those of you that knew him. My daughter messaged me this morning letting me know he passed away in his sleep on Sept 2nd of a diabetic coma. Which was found on the 3rd.
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Mr. Addy
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05-09-2023 03:41

How sad to hear, Foxy... I didn't know them well, but I hope our fellow Syrnian is resting in peace. Thank you for letting us know. <3
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05-09-2023 14:10

I'm so sorry to hear. He was a great guy, I have some very fond memories from our time together in (WAR) years back. He will be missed.
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05-09-2023 17:14

Oh boy sorry to hear :'(
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Mazrim Taim
05-09-2023 20:07

clint was a good guy i will remember my time in JADED forever it was a non stop party you will be missed bro. MCL bro enjoy Shangri-La

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muffin dude
06-09-2023 02:01

I am saddened to hear that a great friend is gone.

I will always remember my time in JADED,
lots of laughs and always a good time to be had.

May you rest in peace brother, you will be missed.
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06-09-2023 20:10

Wow, didn't expect this. You will be missed. JADED was a crazy time, but you always made sure it was a fun place to chat.
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07-09-2023 05:54

Condolences to friends and family!
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Cruz Nairb
10-09-2023 01:29

Condolences to Aero's loved ones.

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Dark Nero
10-09-2023 15:18

remember when a lot of the Originals from CFH departed Drak took me into JADED, whilst it was not a permanent home the time there was enjoyable.

Drak was one of a kind and condolences to family and friends, he will be missed.
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13-09-2023 05:27

RIP old friend
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15-09-2023 01:46

rest in peace
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15-09-2023 04:44

Actually got to meet Drak irl years ago when I still lived in Ohio. He was a pretty solid guy. Sad to him go.
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22-10-2023 08:38

Good bye drakkar
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03-11-2023 02:54

Just noticed this..sad news indeed.
03-11-2023 12:17

Had decent interactions with Drak over the years. Sad that another Syrnian is no longer with us
Condolences to Foxy and family <3
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04-11-2023 01:19

May he rest in peace. Goodbye old friend. Knew him for years.
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