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08-03-2023 18:27

Hello, most people will probably disagree with this by saying "Well, I had to do it so can they!" but hear me out!!

As it stands Puranium opens at 120, 7 Levels over the Obsidian 2 hander and 7 Levels for the first Puranium piece over Obsidian plate.

Attack: 113-120 3,732,455 more exp (7 levels)
Defense: 114-122 4,405,414 more exp (8 levels)

Just to unlock Puranium

Now the run.
Attack: 120-146 19,430,501 more exp (26 levels)
Defense: 121-148 20,760,119 more exp (27 levels)

The Tiromyth Run.
Attack: 150-165 17,051,007 more exp (15 levels)
Defense: 150-163 14,538,418 more exp (13 levels)

It makes very little sense that the Puranium run is longer than the Tiromyth run no matter how the stats are adjusted. The combat was completely changed in 2008 to fix smithing/defense/attack levels and should be changed again.

New Metal (Bloodstone)
Attack: 115-128 7,711,539 more exp (13 levels).
Defense: 116-129 7,871,458 more exp (13 levels).

The fix to Puranium
Attack: 130-143 10,321,828 more exp (13 levels).
Defense: 131-144 10,512,283 more exp (13 levels).

Tiromyth adjusted levels:

Tiromyth Longsword Attack 156
Tiromyth Axe Attack 161
Tiromyth Two-handed Sword Attack 163

Changes the attack run to 150-163 14,538,418 more exp (13 levels).

Stats would have to be adjusted to better suit it, adjusted stats for a new metal/possible boost to weapon stats/reduction to Puranium and Tiromyth to fit in the new metal. This far into the game even with boosted weapon/armor stats it will only assist combat hour gains with obtaining slightly higher XP/HR ratio, which is already a huge complaint, without actually having to change creatures currently in the game.

As the runs currently stands it takes 23 mil to unlock and get through the Puranium attack run and 24.6 mil to get through the Puranium defense run where its currently 17 mil for Tiromyth attack and 14.5 mil for Tiromyth defense and I feel that it should be time to take a closer look at these stats and weapons and develop a solution that best assists the community where players are just coming up on these runs and players that can benefit from weapon/armor changes they have already achieved.

Bloodstone should be the new metal and come between Obsidian and Puranium since you can obtain the ore at lvl 85 mining with a scroll. It's already in the game so requires no additional to mining locations, perhaps just increase the chance of finding one.

You can try to argue that at level 141 attack when the new metal axe would unlock you'd gain too much XP, but in reality you'd only boost the XP/HR slightly and in comparison to existing skills at the same level you'd still be less per hour.

Because now the argument is that Armor points would have to be completely redone let's do the math...

Armor Obsidian(100-114) Bloodstone(115-129) Puranium(130-144)
Sabatons 20 25 40
Medium Helm 30 35 40
Small shield 33 41 50
Hands 20 25 30
Medium shield 38 46 55
Chainmail 50 60 70
Legs 43 51 60
Large Helm 35 42 50
Large Shield 45 55 65
Plate 60 70 80
Total 223 268 315

This shows that although the jumps are significant from 115-129 they still progress in the sense that currently at level 130 defense you can only have 253 armor points with 4 Puranium pieces and 3 Obsidian pieces. so the increase in armor points as you progress is the same.

Now for attack: this shows the new tier involved with stats and slightly changed stats for Puranium the most significant right around lvl 132 where you would normally unlock pura longsword (115/115) it would be the Shortsword. Yes the stats are elevated to add a new tier of weapons, but overall wouldnt necessarily require a change to Tiromyth weapons. except for a +5/10 from the puranium axe and then adding the same pattern as before between.

Weapons Obsidian(100-114) Bloodstone(115-129) Puranium(130-144) New Tiromyth (150-166) New
Dagger Aim/power 85/80 Lvl: 115 107/93 Lvl: 130 120/113 Lvl: 150 140/136
Short Sword 85/85 Lvl: 117 105/105 Lvl: 132 120/120 Lvl: 152 138/138
Scimitar 89/87 Lvl: 118 108/107 Lvl: 133 123/122 Lvl: 153 142/140
Mace 80/90 Lvl: 119 85/120 Lvl: 134 95/135 Lvl: 154 120/160
Longsword 90/90 Lvl: 121 110/110 Lvl: 136 125/125 Lvl: 158 145/145
Axe 105/90 Lvl: 126 125/110 Lvl: 141 135/125 Lvl: 162 160/145
Two-Hander 90/105 Lvl: 128 110/125 Lvl: 143 125/135 Lvl: 165 145/160

Smithing Addition:

This bar requires 1 Bloodstone ore, 5 Obsidian ore, 10 Syriet ore.
Required Level 115 Smithing.
Experience gained 6500.

Mining Addition:
This ore requires level 115 to mine.
Experience gained 4500.
Bloodstone is added to the Arch 5 rotation in possible spawns and the Puranium Gaman is reduced to block Bloodstone ores and a new gaman (Titanium) is added to guard the Titanium ore spawns. (This prevents the farming of the ore at a permanent mine but gives the opportunity to add more at a faster rate without it being overpowered)

Edited on 16-03-2023 13:41
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08-03-2023 18:31

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Oom Thys
08-03-2023 18:31

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08-03-2023 18:31

08-03-2023 19:15

Increase the exp required for Tiro Weapons.
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08-03-2023 19:17

I agree with Brogs but with increased xp from no crowding or permanent F1M ^^
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08-03-2023 20:42

Yes, absolutely agree with Schteve here. We just added content on top of an endgame, so it feels like no real logic was used here.
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08-03-2023 21:06

Buying spars. Please message/whisper me. I likely have what you are looking for (gp, locks, items). Support Poodles the magician.

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08-03-2023 21:55

Edited for the improved suggestion with stats.

Please yes, great suggestion.

Edited on 12-03-2023 12:24
09-03-2023 01:18


Note: puranium sabatons require level 122 defence to wear, not level 121. So, the gap between obby plate and pura sabs is even greater. 😂
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09-03-2023 06:06

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09-03-2023 09:14

Yeaaa this might be whats actually needed tbh
09-03-2023 09:24

love the idea
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12-03-2023 09:33

Looks good.
To (B)
12-03-2023 16:37

yep passes my inspection..

won't happen because we are getting 'brewing' though.
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12-03-2023 19:39

Hasn't breweing been 'brewing' for quite some time already?

This has been worked out in such bite-able chuncks that is will probabely easier implemented than some newly glitched skill that will have tons of 'perks' for the people that will jump on it first *chuckles*
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12-03-2023 21:52

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12-03-2023 23:13

Vast majority (other than the usual suspects) are for this idea.

It would only benefit combat and the game as a whole.

Borneooo pls respond to this thread with your thoughts. <3
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Dark Nero
13-03-2023 08:45

Who the hell is Borneo?
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13-03-2023 17:21

I don't do combat but it makes sense to me.
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Dark Nero
14-03-2023 05:29

Would you happen to have an idea of how this would also impact smithing base on changes it could be argued that smithing could and should need looking at as well around Pura and Tiro levels as well as a potential filler metal as well.
My story is one of many thousands, & the world will not suffer if it ends too soon.
14-03-2023 18:27

could leave smithing, and have another npc shop with bloodstone equipment purchasable by bloodstone
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[2]19:42 Mr Tiddles[CFH]: coding is easy lol

[2]04:02 Mr Tiddles[CFH]: i refuse to believe factual evidence in front of my face.
14-03-2023 18:46

Nero agreed, Smithing could use some love too and probably would need to happen if this combat refactor were to happen.
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17-03-2023 22:43

Absolutely yes!
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21-03-2023 20:18

Just thinking if we going this route also with bloodstone, why not as it would be before Pura possibly have bloodstone in the ore spawn rotation for AC3/4? Making the caves used a lot more than they are currently perhaps?
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