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07-03-2023 17:42

Just curious if anyone here plays Torn? I need more friends there! Please look me up:
Mr. Addy
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11-03-2023 01:46

I used to, but it got to be SUCH a grind.
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You're missed, Farinsongteeth. Always.
11-03-2023 12:23

used to years ago but won the lotto in it and game became boring fast after
11-03-2023 21:22

Me and the same username as here.

Not really much to do on it to be fair... I log in maybe 2 times a day or so..
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13-03-2023 05:54

Gosh, I just discovered it and am absolutely loving it. Just like here, I've met some SHOCKINGLY kind and generous people! <3

Anyway, if any of y'all play, hit me up, I'm Celasha there too! ID 2858290. I'm pretty new still, so would absolutely welcome any advice or anything at all.
18-03-2023 02:39

I play as well! i just started a while ago but havent been able to play a lot because of getting used to a new schedule
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Forum -> Off-Topic -> Anyone play Torn RPG?

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