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09-02-2023 02:01

This is a new Clan, just looking for peeps to help build it up to be the best Clan as it can be. I dont have a set skill as I'm more of a Jack of all Trades and Master of None. All are Welcome. I have never owned a Clan and am learning how to run one. I will except all players whether you're a new player or even if you have been playing forever I have Deimos to thank for getting me into this game and so far he is a trustworthy friend in game as well in the game i play where he recruited me from I would like to say he is my friend for life and I hope he lives long and prospers. Thank You for your time with reading this

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Mr. Addy
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09-02-2023 02:40

Plz Whisper me for the Password
Stockhouse is built

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09-02-2023 03:48

Good luck to you! Also, +1 Deimos is the man
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23-02-2023 23:04

Best clan ever!
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