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Dark Nero
20-12-2022 18:22

Christmas and Winter tidings all, it is that wonderful time of year.

I have spoken with Jack Frost and Santa and hidden amongst This grid a bunch of prizes and fun treats for players.

BELOW is a link to that Grid and you are welcome to pick a spot.

Good Luck and hope you all enjoy the Festivities to come in a few days

The Staff Team


Syrnian Contest

A1 Dregozone A2 oliver_queen A3 Atomkinder A4 DigitalJester A5 Amr A6 TheUnspeakable1 A7 tb12 A8 Assurancetourix A9 Toffy A10 Runnerbean A11 bifelis A12 Liu Bei A13 deathspank A14 Spidy A15 honourbound A16 zangpakto A17 Aussiebeast A18 Mona A19 Nuthouse
B1 Nirvanaishdude B2 Godneys B3 Nyx B4 lonelymom2 B5 B6 Yoshibo B7 BobtheFisherman B8 Zoefmaister B9 bobbothegreat B10 bdwhite34 B11 Baspall B12 Durins_Bane B13 GENIUSTM B14 B15 BlndeRN13 B16 B17 Emsarrev B18 almightyone B19 Bex
C1 Calliope C2 Ascotvale C3 charlesc83 C4 nlSomeNumbers C5 Robkin C6 Siren C7 Unlimited_ C8 C9 Rouby C10 Thor C11 TheDoctor C12 jlockmavs C13 Arivae C14 Synth C15 C16 CheezyRN C17 C18 C19 gurlygurl
D1 Phoinix D2 fork D3 Tike D4 Foxy D5 blubber D6 HolyEvil D7 Jaenelle D8 Missylee D9 Dirk D10 AcupofJoe D11 Mimixthree1959 D12 Muto D13 Larissa D14 king1104 D15 D16 Pendragon D17 Oom Thys D18 GreatScottie D19
E1 Nymph E2 Cousin Bubba E3 Isfahel E4 fraggelmupp E5 Bizkiteater E6 Jeffreyj E7 Takisha E8 Lilyan E9 Shadowgate E10 Tater E11 JoveS E12 incubusking E13 Vampyre E14 E15 Acrobatic Hobo E16 Skyla E17 Vermin E18 Oldredneck87 E19
F1 Veltto F2 Orange_Wedges F3 Makarov F4 Okies F5 Koalabyte F6 Thiel F7 Lonewolf71 F8 Freddo814 F9 ShadowlessMonk F10 Patternz F11 TheForestQueen F12 Mouse F13 Bam2993 F14 F15 F16 Razor F17 F18 Voodoo F19
G1 Rope G2 Spooff G3 Thundurus G4 Gaz G5 smitts G6 chaosgothic G7 elftron G8 Greensky G9 G10 Schteve G11 Glenn G12 meh G13 SCY G14 mshaw29 G15 Balcarres G16 DiamondDemon G17 tigertail24 G18 Grix G19 ChaosTheory
H1 Hidklad H2 Ultimate Spinach H3 Turgod H4 Brina H5 Anarchy H6 Jeep Life H7 Valen H8 Hangar18 H9 Redwingz H10 Ozymandias H11 Chornaya H12 Breeze H13 Lazuvius H14 TimothyP101 H15 H16 Bencedin H17 Atto H18 H19 ryu219
I1 devildog I2 Thorn I3 Common Sense I4 Gargonite I5 MTB123 I6 Gnarly I7 jamestowner I8 Iota I9 Maradoona I10 Brown_Bear I11 Bigmook I12 I13 mociute2 I14 I15 Zakkary I16 ghstennis I17 puff_dogg_990 I18 Rathmus I19
J1 The Grim reaper J2 Hagar J3 feistyqueenb J4 jclk J5 Space_Dust J6 Esentic J7 JR III J8 Jamha J9 LadyPotLuck J10 skylineer J11 Reyn Dogg J12 TermaMatrix J13 Excess Badger J14 grumpy J15 WinVineeth J16 wikid J17 lilfirecracker J18 Spald J19 glorgg
K1 Kitchen Witch K2 Yankee K3 Cari K4 Maggie K5 JoWickerman K6 Pandike K7 Lady Jynx K8 yandiman1 K9 Kundar K10 Kabeb K11 G Bob K12 Jim K13 K14 Stolo K15 Nightshade K16 badger K17 Clydex K18 Puddles K19 Errant
L1 B0wRaiN L2 reech L3 L4 Victreebel L5 Tisanto L6 Pixie L7 TheCaptain L8 Logger8s L9 L10 Brandon L11 Darenth L12 L13 adik L14 Lilypurr L15 Lodes L16 L17 L18 personer L19
M1 remo M2 Naruto Uzumaki M3 LadyHawk M4 Bcnu M5 BlackoutVision M6 bellabell3 M7 Maxflash100 M8 M9 Huntress M10 Uullt M11 M12 arche M13 MuckaTucka M14 M15 M16 Sheep M17 Affliction M18 M19
N1 Ham N2 McLovin N3 Hans N4 Captain Morgan N5 Gardenia N6 Mill N7 me_again N8 Xune
N9 Zywie N10 N11 Loki N12 N13 Lag N14 N15 Cast N16 N17 fixed N18 N19 Gilly
O1 Oromis O2 The_Junky O3 Natsu O4 Professor O5 Divinity O6 DarkRider64 O7 Dommu O8 Jehan O9 Thief O10 Takk O11 Kevalaa O12 Tintin2007 O13 serfork O14 O15 Sparrowwolf O16 Walker O17 OzarKKrazO O18 kkman O19
P1 TheGnomeLord P2 Pyjamas P3 Palamedes P4 klaus P5 diabloii P6 Valkyrie P7 Mr Smith P8 Mythlir P9 Godshand P10 smeagol P11 Cheiron P12 Dorset Madman P13 Ezza P14 Lakavir P15 soysoyrocks P16 owl22 P17 Maddness P18 sabinking P19
Q1 Queenie Q2 Quiffin Bounce Q3 BlueShark Q4 Quadiam Q5 Xaltiarla Q6 Shivers Q7 TheBeast Q8 Soonrgon Q9 redhdsrbtr Q10 By Thor Q11 Shinji_Ikari Q12 Q13 Flipper Q14 Resylencia Q15 Sal Q16 Subman Q17 Ukavast Q18 Quirinius Q19 ryry117
R1 Johan R2 Aetris R3 Misteeq R4 Ragnar R5 Bob Sausage R6 ShatterStar R7 jmarie R8 Bear R9 00hed R10 Azronical R11 ch24 R12 Savage R13 Deimos R14 R15 R16 Truant R17 R18 R19 Grim
S1 Prometheus S2 Puffy S3 Satirical S4 Calliope S5 tiggger S6 tim408 S7 Pantera S8 Atom S9 Zorna S10 Jinxter S11 St0rmz_ S12 Method S13 Elbaroda S14 kitz2112 S15 Vonstuker S16 a_f_c S17 Cracker0509 S18 burge55 S19 Masque

My story is one of many thousands, & the world will not suffer if it ends too soon.
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Dark Nero
30-12-2022 04:27

Official Contest #131 Winners


All prizes were chosen at random before the Holiday and contest started, in order to remain as fair as possible.

Choose an Event Disclaimer

You may choose a skill event and level requirement (e.g. type of ore, level of the forest, etc.) or a creature and the location and time for it to hit.

This comes with a few minor conditions:
- The time given needs to be in game time.

- Events can't be holiday creatures, these creatures are not available to event mods outside the holiday they are linked too.

- Large creatures can't be placed on Remer.

- If you choose an Arch 5 creature, it must be placed in Arch caves 3.

- Puranium and titanium ore is not available (for you to choose or for us to send).

- The amount sent will be 1000 for most, but may depend on event chosen (e.g. if you pick a group fight it will be 1, rare/harder to obtain resources will be lower).

- To book your event, Send a ticket with the event, location and game time of your choice, to Bug Department

- If you sell your event you need to inform game staff via this ticket once the payment is made so we know who to give the event to.


A10 Runnerbean 10 Locked sarcophagus

A14 Spidy 20 Locked christmas present

A17 Aussiebeast Pet Snowglobe 2022

A4 DigitalJester 1 Event of your choice

A6 TheUnspeakable1 10 Locked ancient chest

B1 Nirvanaishdude 1 Mustang

B11 Baspall Pet Snowglobe 2022

B16 1 Chipmunk ** NO PICK

B17 Emsarrev 20 Locked christmas present

B8 Zoefmaister Christmas Group fight orb

C11 TheDoctor 1 Reindeer

C1 Calliope 1 Reindeer

C6 Siren 20 Locked christmas present

C19 Gurlygurl 1 reindeer

C4 nlSomeNumbers Pet snowglobe 2022

D10 AcupofJoe Pet Snowglobe 2022

D13 Larissa Christmas creature Summoning Orb

D17 Oom Thys 1 Reindeer

D19 20 Locked christmas present **NO PICK

D2 Fork Christmas Group fight orb

D4 Foxy 1 reindeer

E16 Skyla Pet Snowglobe 2022

E18 Oldredneck87 1 Event of your choice

E11 JoveS 1 Mustang

E3 Isfahel Christmas creature Summoning Orb

E6 Jeffreyj 1 reindeer

F11 TheForestQueen 5 Avril

F1 Vellto Pet Snowglobe 2022

F7 Lonewolf71 1 Event of your choice

F2 Orange_Wedges 20 Locked christmas present

F14 20 Locked christmas present

F5 Koalabyte 5 Avril

G1 Rope 20 Locked christmas present

G9 1 reindeer ** NO PICK

G16 DiamondDemon 10 Locked small chest

G17 Tigertail74 10 Locked small chest

G5 smitts 1 Event of your choice

H1 Hidklad 10 Locked ancient chest

H11 Chornaya 20 Locked christmas present

H15 20 Locked christmas present** NO PICK

H4 Brina Christmas Group fight orb

H8 Hangar18 10 Locked ancient chest

I1 devildog 10 Locked small chest

I12 10 Locked small chest** No Pick

I17 puff_dogg_990 1 reindeer

I3 Common Sense 20 Locked christmas present

I13 mociute2 10 Locked sarcophagus

I8 Iota 10 Locked small chest

J10 skylineer 1 Penguin Chick

J11 Reyn Dogg 1 Event of your choice

J13 Excess Badger 3000 coal

J2 Hagar Polar bear cub

J4 jclk 3000 Coal

J6 Esentic Pet Snowglobe 2022

K11 G Bob 1 reindeer

K14 Stolo Snowy owlet

K2 Yankee 3000 Coal

K4 Maggie 1 reindeer

K5 JoWickerman Christmas creature Summoning Orb

L1 B0wRaiN 3000 Coal

L10 Brandon 1 Chipmunk

L14 Lilypurr 20 Locked christmas present

L4 Victreebel Pet Snowglobe 2022

L6 Pixie 3000 coal

M12 arche Christmas Group fight orb

M16 Sheep Pet snowglobe 2022

M2 Naruto Uzumaki 5 Avril

M3 LadyHawk 1 Sturdy tinderbox

M9 Huntress 5 Avril

M6 bellabell3 1 Snow owlet

N17 fixed 10 Locked small chest

N19 Gilly Christmas creature Summoning Orb

N5 Gardenia Pet Snowglobe 2022

N6 Mill 10 Locked ancient chest

O12 Tintin2007 20 Locked christmas present

O17 OzarKKrazO 1 reindeer

O2 The_Junky Christmas creature Summoning Orb

O6 DarkRider64 10 Locked sarcophagus

O9 "Thief " 10 Locked small chest

P1 TheGnomeLord 10 Locked ancient chest

P15 soysoyrocks 10 Locked sarcophagus

P16 owl22 20 Locked christmas present

P8 Mythlir 1 Sturdy Cauldron

P9 Godshand Snowy owlet

Q1 "Queenie 20 Locked christmas present

Q15 Sal 10 Locked small chest

Q17 Ukavast 10 Locked small chest

Q7 TheBeast 1 Penguin Chick

Q8 Soonrgon 1 Sturdy net

R1 Johan Pet Snowglobe 2022

R10 Azronical Pet Snowglobe 2022

R12 Savage 20 Locked christmas present

R19 Grim 1 Penguin Chick

R6 Shatterstar 1 Sturdy fishing rod

R4 Ragnar 20 Locked christmas present

S12 Method Pet Snowglobe 2022

S13 Elbaroda Christmas Group fight orb

S19 Masque 20 Locked christmas present

S3 Satirical 10 Locked sarcophagus

S9 Zorna Locked small chests x 10
My story is one of many thousands, & the world will not suffer if it ends too soon.
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