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16-11-2022 18:21

I posted a long time ago about events and how we can't farm if theirs a event. OFC everyone was rude and said people have suggested it in the past and I should shut up etc etc. Like WOAH, Ok... My point is, there is no post in this joint about that at all, even my past post is not on here(probly because people had to be rude about it), so if someone post again about it, it will happen over and over and over and new people will keep suggesting to let us farm crops even when there is a event(that no one does). Just keep past post of suggestions so it not repeated like so and people get all angry over pixels, ty x'D
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16-11-2022 18:34

If you don’t request your post to be stickied, after I believe it’s 7 days your post will auto delete if there isn’t a new reply. I would suggest creating a new post in feedback and ask for it to be stickies through in game ticket.

Hope this helps
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16-11-2022 21:27

A farmer's life is tough.

Try not to plant crops before holidays as there are usually big invasions/events that will block your crops and probably result in them rotting.

Once in a while, you'll be harvesting or planting and someone will orb your location. Aghhh! It's annoying, but all part of the game.

Orbing at combat locations is not allowed, so planting your crops at a combat location often works out well (if you are allowed a house at that location).

The Dragon Mask prevents rat orbs, so if you have one, wear it while farming.

Other than that, I don't think it is a good idea to change how the game works to convenience one thing as that will lead to another demand then another then we won't have much of a game left.
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Dark Nero
18-11-2022 05:17

Normality is something players have just had to deal with over time, I am sorry if you felt their responses and probably my own was harsh or rude.

The reality is Players of Syrnia have been moulded into a sense of understanding of a few things.

One: Ask all you want it probably wont be added so just accept its like this.
two: if it aint broken, dont fix it.

the common response on Feedback forums is "It has been suggested many times and turned down or not added"

do not be disheartened by this response it is just the normal approach to feedback.

So I hope you continue to share feedback ideas, as some will troll most likely but all feedback is good if it listened to or not by the powers that be, thats that but its always enjoyable to hear ideas and see them flesh out amongst the forums.
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Forum -> General -> My past post

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