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16-11-2022 14:47

Lodes: Thieving level 38
Arioch: Thieving level 75

You have successfully thieved Arioch, but you were unable to get any gold.

Almost double my thieving level and yet I somehow got a success. Is this the greatest thieving success in terms of levels ever seen?
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16-11-2022 16:45

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17-11-2022 09:15

Sorry to break it to you... but higher Thieving levels BARELY affect your "defense" against Thieving. It's like level 10 or so, somewhere mid 40s, and then well past 100 where you get any sort of benefit against someone thieving you. A level 38 thief thieving a level 40 vs a level 100 have the same odds of success.

It's depressing.

Edit: so I found the numbers I'd run in the past.

For defense against thieves, the highest feasible level that matters is level 48. Anything between levels 48-129 is purely for offense (although there are no offensive thieving benefits past level 100).

You don't gain another tiny boost in "defensive odds" until level 130.

So yeah. Depressing.

Edited on 17-11-2022 09:25
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17-11-2022 12:11

Pend, does any of that apply to thieving NPCs?
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17-11-2022 14:48

NPC thieving is a set rate for everyone from my understanding
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17-11-2022 15:31

If that is true then that's ridiculous. Doesn't even make sense why that would be. Might as well delete the thieving skill when brewing is added... cause it's basically worthless as a skill these days and this just adds to the worthless the skill has become.

Having said that, please make player thieving jail times scale to a max of 3 minutes... I'd even settle for 5, but 3 is where it really should be. This would be a big start to fixing the thieving skill.
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Mr Tiddles
18-11-2022 03:20

when pedro got 100 thieving he sat at sanfew or port senyn with a ton of gold on him... like a lot!

He dared any and all to come after him. I have no doubt he had over 1000 attempts on him and while many claimed that they got a success I never did in around 30 attempts...

I also found it odd that every single player who did successfully thieve him ended up getting 0 gold on their success. even players with 70 thieving were getting 0 gold...

The successful attempt might be true but I do however believe the amount of gold you can thieve is very dependent on the levels so it's highly worth training
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18-11-2022 04:38

Then that is great news Tiddles.
Now, about the player thieve jail times.....
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