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18-09-2022 15:11

No bashing.

I would like to see the moderation go back to announcing mutes.

Also, I don't think it's fair to see Moderators use "fake" internet dictionaries to justify mutes.
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18-09-2022 16:28

As for your second point, I'm not sure I can agree or disagree. Reason being there are always going to be rule pushers and a gray area where people will try to abuse it. Common sense should be used first and foremost. Usually it is pretty easy to tell who is trying to pull the wool over and who is simply saying a shortened version of one's screen name.
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18-09-2022 20:04

i remember getting forum banned for mentioning a cereal brand. Modding is like Soviet era cars.
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19-09-2022 00:19

So, want everyone to see when you spam World/Trade with stupid stuff and get muted even when they have chat disabled or something?
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19-09-2022 01:32

Moderation has come a long way in the last 15-20 years!
Announcing mutes in chat are a thing of the past!
Lets move it along!
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19-09-2022 02:46

If a word has a secondary, inappropriate meaning and there is a belief by staff that it was being used in such a way, context and discretion should then come into play, rather than an instant mute.

If you have to stretch reeeally far to make something inappropriate, it's very possible that the best thing to do is simply Occam's Razor the whole situation and move on.

Edited on 19-09-2022 02:48
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19-09-2022 03:20

It would be nice for them to announce, but since there's no official way to give feedback on a mute it is a moot point.

There's a game similar to thing where I believe it's moderated by AI/Robot and you could click to Agree/Disagree with the mute on the line (or you could at one point)... That would be interesting.
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20-09-2022 04:05

+1 Thorne
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20-09-2022 12:54

Time after time I have watched people who know the rules deliberately break them so they and others can cry about the Mods. Grow up and stop seeking attention and you wont be muted. Announcing the mutes just encourage all the trolls to start up.
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