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09-09-2022 03:46

Congrats to Sméagol AND Gollum for reaching 10,000 hours played. Love them or hate them they never thought they would get addicted to watching a timer go down. 😂 who would have known lol.

You have been playing Syrnia for 10028 hours and 53 minutes.
You joined Syrnia 2314 days ago

I have been playing for over 6 years now. Had some breaks here and there. Made and lost friends. Visited and been apart of many clans. I want to thank all those who have supported, helped, talked with, traded, killed and been killed by me. Syrnia has been apart of almost 1/4th my life now. I don’t know if I would even be around anymore if it wasn’t for the game and the players within.

~starting out~
I started out one day looking for browser games I could play on my school iPad and I came across this beauty. Was a saturday I believe around 19-20:00 ingame time came home from a soccer game. Made the account Dylpickle2432. I played for like 6 hours then went to bed. Addicted right away. I was such a newb. Didn’t even know how to move or equip things! 😂😂 I went to Dearn island. Lemo woods. Attacked the creatures and died. Made a new account right after, the username The_Person_15, I didn’t read the rules cause I didn’t care I assumed as many accounts as you want. Got a ticket from the staff saying my the account I made before was frozen but they are letting me keep this account since I was new. I assume that was terma or scary since it was a senior mod. Thankyou for letting me stay much much love!!

~wild world of clans~
A month after I made the account I found myself in OrKs (order of Rose Knights) lead by lister. Great guy sad we went our separate ways. A small little clan might be gone now sadly. Good little group of people. After a couple months there I made my first visit to a clan. CLEAN was its name ran by some dude named Count Chocula . Ended up joining for a few months. Stuff happened I ended up leaving. Good ppl good clan. Just not my type. Scary is a great dude no complaints, just didn’t work out. (Would love to visit some time if you read this!!) I then visited CFH for a few days, then would up in ~WAR~ For nearly a year maybe more. Lovely people great people. Real sad that the clan died out. Met a couple friends there. Aetris being the main dude. Sucks we never ended up in a clan together after war broke died miss you dude hope you are doing well! After war died Rossi and I left and went FoS. I was in FoS for over 3 years. Loved every second of it. It really is my home away from home. I miss you guys I really do. I could go on for hours, he’ll even days about FoS. Von, you are like a father in a way to me. I have a ton of respect for you. Calli, love our chats, it’s always nice to say hi and get a hug from you. Redwingz. It’s been a long time since we really talked which sucks. I liked our conversations. Valk, we never talked much which sucks but I did enjoy it when we did. Aussie, we have our differences but that’s alright. You’re a good dude, wish we got along better. Scottie my boo I miss you! We need to talk a lot me hmu whenever you’re free. If I wasnt straight then you know you would be my first choice I’m probably closest with you than most other players. Syrnian life isn’t the same without seeing your name in chat. ***Holy.. I really doubt you will see this but if by chance some one shares it with you I want you to know that I am very truly sorry. I regret what happened every single day. It was a real tough time in my life. Still is. I didnt know how to deal with what happened irl and I lashed out. Said stuff. I’m very truely honest to God sorry. I hope you are doing well Holyevil. I have great respect for you. You’re a good dude.*** I ended up leaving/kicked from FoS due to some things that happened. Syrnia doesn’t feel the same now. I did visit some more clans and tried to join vibes but just didn’t feel right sorry. Now I have been making solo clans. xyz is the clan I’m in right now with 1 other mainly so he doesn’t have to be alone. We don’t really talk in chat.

~What am I up to now?~
I have been afk a lot as of late. Afk at skullnose and mining coal/silver at rose mines and iron at hawk mt. Platty events when they happen. I have reached 577 total level in the 6+ years, 10028 hours of playing syrnia. I’ve had my highs and lows. Ups and downs. Made friends and lost friends. I love this game. I will probably be playing it until the servers goes down, hopefully not anytime soon. So here’s to another 10000 hours of syrnia! I love you all. You guys really do mean much more to me than you know. So thankyou, really.. ❤️
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Mr. Addy
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14-09-2022 06:53

You have been playing Syrnia for 15248 hours and 49 minutes.
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I feel you man. Ive made a crazy amount of friends here on Syrnia and other similar games. 11 years playing this game out of 25 Ive been alive so far. Its actually incredible how many connections I have had with people here to a point where I cant even imagine not logging in anymore. Syrnia is almost a habit as strong as breathing at this point. I miss you bud. we should chat more, though you probably dont remember me.

you are a killer dude. wishing you the best!
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