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03-08-2022 17:50

Archetype [Arch]

About Arch
Born out of mutual friendships within the Darklords of Syrnia [~DoS~] clan and the Lords of Carnage [LoC] clan along with similar goals, interests, leadership styles and the benefits that come along with having the largest active player base in game, Arch was established on 12/31/2021 via merge between the two clans.
Our Leadership Team is currently comprised of Palamedes, TheDoctor, patternz & JLockmavs and we have 50+ active members with experience ranging from new players to ancient legendary players representing several diverse game play styles. Some of our members enjoy playing the game solo but enjoy having a clan to call home and some of our members enjoy the team aspect of the game and work together for the success of everyone in the clan. Similarly, we have some players that are very active in chat and we have some that don't participate much in chat or the clan forums at all. All game-play styles are welcome here.
We currently have Stockhouses on every available Island where one can be built, typically located at each Island's port of call, which are managed via the request/approval system to help protect the clan and those who have helped build it. Having said that, most approvals are quick and all reasonable requests are approved. Members that have been with us for a while and have invested in the clans success/well-being in one way or another (participated in clan-wide events, chat frequently and/or donate often, etc...) are eventually granted permissions to freely pull from the Stockhouses.
*Adding/Donating to the clan stockhouses is by choice and not a requirement.

What We Are Looking For
New Players, Old Players, Groups of Players and anyone in between with any game play style and with laid back relaxed personalities and a good sense of humor to match ours. We also ask that you are respectful and considerate to your other clannies and are at least 18 years of age... or can at least make us think you are.
Our clan chat is uncensored.

What We Offer
We offer a loyal group of players that consider each other family, an active chat, highly stocked clan stockhouses with all the tools, weapons, armor and raw resources to help you along your Syrnian Journey as well as a food supply that is constantly being added to by our Farmers and Cooks.
We have the Smiths, Mages and Builders that can make almost anything you may need in game.
We frequently get together for Group Activities ranging from Mining/Killing in the Outlands to Working the Caves or even Killing Bosses and Creature Orbs as a group.
We regularly have Raffles, Contests, Competitions, Games and Clan Events with Big Prizes available!!
We offer a Clan Discord that is highly organized and used by several members every day. Our Clan Discord also has a Casino, an in-depth RPG and other games that are available to our members.
We have a highly active Clan Chat and a highly functioning Clan Economy.

Quick Summary of Benefits Included with Clan Membership in Arch
Clan provides all of the Tools, Weapons and Armor you need through Obby Gear (including Ogre, RC, Bat and Elven) for free.
A Clan Loaning Program for anything else if we have it in stock (Scrolls, Rood Horns, Broomsticks, Pura/Tiro gear or anything else durable but expensive to purchase on your own), free of charge.
+3 Aim Enchants to anyone in Rose Crest, Elven/Bat Gear or better for free (this gear is well-stocked in advance with Enchants already on them so that you don't have to wait for a mage).
-6TT Enchants for your Speed Suit or any gear Gold Suit or better for free (most needed TT gear will be stocked in advance).
KTOs and PTOs for infrequent travel for free.
Safe Transport of items across OL when needed for free.
1500 slot house at each of your combat locations as you graduate to a new combat location so that you can combat with your valuables stored safely.
Boats of all types are provided by the clan for free.
Materials/Resources needed to complete any Quest for free.
Food at no cost for anyone willing to donate all drops received while using clan food (within reason).
Food for personal goals and ambitions for 2.5gp/hp (2.2gp/hp if you participated in the most recent 2-week clan wide event)
Pay for Clan Cooks!

Clan Rules
1. Be respectful and considerate to your fellow Clannies and use commonsense and you'll be alright.

Your Informal "Application" Should Include
1. Why do you think Arch is a fit for you?
2. Your current goals in Syrnia (new players to the game can skip this question).
3. A little about yourself... which can include anything you want that will give us an idea of your personality/character (what you do in the real word, your age, where are you from, hobbies, etc...). The more you include the better we can make sure we are a fit for each other however, if one of our members already knows you then you can skip this... we already know you.
4. If previously in a clan, why did you / are you leaving?

If you have questions about Arch
Please feel free to contact JLockmavs or any other member of Arch.

Your "Application" Should Be Messaged To:
JLockmavs or one of the other Clan Leaders.

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Mr. Addy
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03-08-2022 21:11

What political stances does the clan hold? I need to know your long term plans for the clan and the overall clan stance on #NerfFishing.
May God have mercy on my enemies, for I shall not.

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[3]17:25 ShatterStar[Pond]: You're a chef, not a wizard harry.

04-08-2022 00:27

Good Luck with your clan, how long does one have to wait for stockhouse permissions?
[2]10:45 Cradle[TLO]: Dont forget the part where the Pond guy sells the boat for Pond prices, back to the previous owner. ;)

[0]21:33 Halloween Witch: *slides a beer to Shatterstar*

Rank 29 Fishing
04-08-2022 03:33

Thank you so much for your questions. Please see below for the responses to yor RFIs. Please let us know if you have any additional questions that may arise from these answers.

Question 1a: What political stances does the clan hold?

Answer 1a: Most of our players identify as Liberal Conservatives in game.

Question 1b: Your long term plans for the clan and the overall clan stance on #NerfFishing.

Answer 1b: Our long term plan adapts as our clan and leadership adapts over time. Long term, we would like to continue to help new players and continue to make sure we have active leadership in place at all times as we move forward.
As to the movement known as "#NerfFishing", we are currently NerfFishing Neutral, but we are #BoostThieving Positive for those wondering.

Question 2: how long does one have to wait for stockhouse permissions?

Answer 2: It really depends and is an unexplainable answer. We have had some players gain perms in 6 months, a few in less than that, but in general I would say about a year.
We review our ranks twice a year, once in June and once in December.
05-11-2022 10:00

ok, how does one apply? I see your questions for new applicants, I gave all the answers to my cat. He'll get back to you after clawing to pieces my favourite (and unnecessarily expensive) rug. Now he's furballing, brb. afk.

Edited on 05-11-2022 10:01
05-11-2022 20:45

can we visit?
Love All!

The Gnome died. You got 13 strength experience.
You got 1 Syrnia Birthday Hat 2018!

[5]05:01 (Mod)Moderator: Donald_Trump - muted

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10-11-2022 13:15

We do allow visits for anyone that is seriously considering joining us. You may contact me or anyone of the Leads mentioned in the post if you would like to arrange a visit
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