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29-07-2022 06:15

Congrats to Clydex, who just hit Magic 50 and now has at least level 50 in every skill!

I think he is very possibly the first person to hit base 50 under Total Level 1,000.

Good stuff, brother. Base 60 when?
Mr. Addy
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29-07-2022 10:32

Hail to Clydex!
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Mr Tiddles
29-07-2022 19:58

Congrats clydex nice going bud!
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29-07-2022 20:14

An impressive accolade to behold. Well done mate!
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29-07-2022 20:42

Clydex you beast :o

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29-07-2022 20:47

A grand achievement! Nicely done!
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29-07-2022 20:57

Awesome stuff! Definitely a nice and unique achievement.
30-07-2022 01:59

Very nice work, Clydex! Congrats!
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30-07-2022 06:10

30-07-2022 12:36

Well done!
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30-07-2022 16:54

well done!
01-08-2022 23:50

Nice achievement! Grats.
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02-08-2022 10:59

Congrats to Clydex! All level 50 but still under Tl 1000? He may be the best all rounder there is! I know Balcarres and a few others also have all 50+ but not sure what their tl was.
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03-08-2022 05:38

Sincere congratulations to Clydex and this post is not meant to diminish his accomplishment in any way. It is hard to get 'All 50's", I know. When I got mine, my TL was 897. (clan records)

I know I was over 1000 TL when I got my 'All 60's" but still didn't have a single 100 level then. Without more research I think my first 100 was when I hit 1100 TL.

Congratulations to Clydex and all the rest of the 'All-Rounders". It is a tough path.

Carry on Syrnians!


Edited on 03-08-2022 06:00
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