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Anarcho FooBear
11-05-2022 11:35

Simple proposal:

1.) Make them block every orb including resource orbs

2.) Give them the durability of other holiday tools with the potential to break after any timer

3.) Make them available every halloween

Edited on 11-05-2022 11:36
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Mr. Addy
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11-05-2022 18:00

4 ) Get rid of them
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11-05-2022 18:40

5) remove the nuissance of the orbs in the first place..
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11-05-2022 21:51

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12-05-2022 05:40

I honestly don’t see why this is even an issue, there is tons of other creature orbs you could use if you are trying to disrupt a location.
Just last week there was over 20 locations in the middle of the day that had rat invasions, so saying they block or could block everywhere is bogus.

Who’s to say they’ll even drop next Halloween or have the same drop rate?

And having it potentially break on every action would only make sense if you also got def exp on every action, you don’t. And the one place you do get it, it CAN break via combat.
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12-05-2022 13:17

How about making the mask more powerful when multiple players are wearing it in the same location?
1 = Rat Protection
2 = skill Orb Protection / Bonebreaker Orb
3 = Koban Orb / Griffin Orb / GSG Orb
4 = Gaman Orb

Also, I am not in favor of mass producing these things. There are 100 or so of them in game and they should follow the rare/OP holiday drop schedule of every 3 years like egg thief suits and such.

Edited on 12-05-2022 13:17
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12-05-2022 15:24

1) as jlock said - The ability to stack to block all orbs eventually i think is a good way to do it.

2) I think there should be Breaking ability no matter if it’s combat or not because it’s not only a combat item, it’s currently a rat blocker also.

3) so many dropped right away I don’t think it should be every Halloween unless the drop rate of them is serverly decreased. If they will drop like they did before I’d go for every 3 years. If they became rarer then every year would be fine
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12-05-2022 17:22

I'm not going to comment on most of this (don't need the target thanks) but I will say I prefer the masks NOT to break unless they're reasonably easy to replace. Mostly due to only having the one and actually having to use it.
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The Grim Reaper
12-05-2022 17:55

No, leave the mask how it is. It shouldn’t break unless doing combat and doesn’t need making more powerful. There is nothing wrong with it how it is so don’t go changing it if it isn’t broken. Can’t rat orb people with them? Boohoo get over it. My thoughts
12-05-2022 19:44

I'm with a_f_c, stupid addition - scrap 'em.
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12-05-2022 20:52

Their great, havent been orbed in weeks.
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12-05-2022 23:06

They're terrible. I haven't been able to orb Shatter in weeks.
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13-05-2022 01:17

You can't get rid of them, afc. ~FoS~ will be upset if that happens
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13-05-2022 11:43

Adding a break rate should be a minimum

It's active for every action it should be breakable for every action.

All holiday items break, no idea why people think this one shouldn't?
13-05-2022 15:38

Shouldn't break unless doing combat with it in my opinion. I don't think anything else breaks when simply wearing it unless it is specifically tied to the specific skill you are doing (example would be like the egg thief mask breaking when walking... because it is used for walking). It shouldn't break just because some rats look at you wearing it and run off.
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13-05-2022 16:59

I don’t agree with them breaking. What would prevent someone from unequipping and quickly re-equipping after an action completes? Given the mask is completely unrelated to the action being performed, this seems like a hacky solution in general.

Somewhat unrelated, but imo creature orbs should behave like group fight orbs, where they do not disrupt a location. The purpose would be to give someone an opportunity to gain 25% extra xp. Also would support the ability to make them exclusive — the person popping the orb could create a magical barrier around the summon area if they have x magic levels above the level needed to make the orb, and the exclusive orb would expire after y minutes. This would make dragon masks useless, but that’s fine. They could be given a separate use or be a collector item.
13-05-2022 17:52

Poll future updates to reduce amount of dumb items like this.
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14-05-2022 15:15

weather people want it to break ever action or not is an afterthought, instead im puzzled how people think a dragon mask IS NOT used for its purpose every action?? The Dragon Mask update came out to prevent the orbing of rats, the combat part is a secondary bonus. yes it falls under combat with the combat bonus but it is serving its purpose every single action you wear it.

300 second timer and with 5 seconds left someone drops an rso, your mask blocks it you complete the action - purpose served.

i heard over 100 dropped on halloween, how many are actually being used on a daily basis? my clan has 1 sitting in the stockhouse no one uses for combat because its not that valuable for +1 or +2 def xp ill take the aim/power enchant with armor.

Every action its blocking rats so every actions its preforming its intended purpose. weather you want it to break or not is a different story, but its intended purpose is block rso's every action

Edited on 14-05-2022 15:45

Edited on 15-05-2022 04:58
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Mr Tiddles
14-05-2022 18:30

I think RSO's are so common and easily obtained it has made them the only orb that actually causes an issue...

A long time ago when RSO's were first created in syrnia you might have gotten 3 or 4 beryls a week entering the game... And everywhere you could/were working had another location you could move to if someone orbed you.. and with Rats being the weakest creature in game even very low level noobs could fight them off in a few minutes...

In todays syrnia there is basically only 1 location to train at for everything level 55+ instead of multiple areas you could move to.

you can't go fish trawler somewhere else.. you can't go smith silver somewhere else or chop somewhere else for the same type of materials/experience...

Unlike iron mining or coal or chopping or fishing which has multiple locations to train at for lower locations...

Rats are afraid of dragons so that makes sense.. why would a dragon mask block players from gamans spawning when gamans live next to dragons?

On top of this all combat fight locations are orb protected and so is outlands so the fact that rat orbs are now considered fair game isn't really fair game if half the locations in game where players train can't even be orbed or get annoyed...

Although that brings the next question.. Why are there so many rat orbs in game now? years of beryls being brought into game and new chests or outland mining and monsters dropping beryls brings a lot more in. It's the only thing worth making for experience with a Beryl...

I'd suggest creating a new magic enchant which uses Beryls up and give players a reason to want to make something other than RSO's with beryls now that Rat orbs are basically not worth creating...

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14-05-2022 19:02

In response to Ragnar.
The mask isn't blocking a rat Orb every action. It blocks a rat Orb only when someone trys to use a rat Orb... not every action you complete.
So why would it have a chance of breaking every time you chop a piece of wood for example?
I'd say give it a chance to break when someone trys to rat Orb you, but then you'd be back to square one because players would just keep clicking the rat Orb constantly until your mask breaks.
So it only being able to break during combat is how it should be (and how it currently is).
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15-05-2022 00:57

JLock - it has a chance to block every action. Every action there’s peice of mind. I don’t really care of it does have a chance or not too break, I’m just saying let’s not pretend it Isn’t used for something besides combat, that every action it’s potentially blocking an orb.

I’d say If someone try’s to orb the RSO the Mask has a potential to brake. If mask brakes orb summons, if mask doesn’t orb gets consumed

***Even better give it whatever Drop rate scrolls are given to the mask as a breakage for normal actions, non will break still and everyone will happen

Edited on 15-05-2022 01:00
Proud Leader of Chaos Reborn [-CR-]

You have married Elbaroda! 9-21-20
15-05-2022 15:16

Leave them as is.. I am not a fan of them but it’s too late to remove. If you make it so it blocks any and all invasions then holiday and events will be ignored by them aswell so that won’t work no? And you won’t know if that’s the case or not unless a mod sends a rat invasion to test or the dev confirms or Denys that

So I say no do not make them block any events apart from rats and no do NOT remove from the game since it’s already too late. Just leave them as is. Don’t add any more to the game.

I say if it is added again then make it so it’s like the holiday crown. After you do that you can check in again to buy the mask or one of the other holiday rewards (scythe, or teddys) for that year and repeat that for each full holiday cycle)
^ thoughts on that?
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15-05-2022 21:49

Get rid of the masks orbs are part of the game!
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15-05-2022 22:14

It blocks an RTO at the split second that an RTO is used, not after a working action. Therefore it isn't doing anything until someone actually tries to use a rat Orb. So, technically it really only is used at the very moment the RTO is clicked on... which would be the action it is related to, unless of course you are training combat. In that case it is used every action.
[W]10:25 Bex[TLO]: your clan tag is legendary

[2] 16:42 Dregozone[Snake]: i enjoyed being in jlocks clan many years ago, he looks after you

[2] 22:57 Borneo[C.]: yeah JLock is our security advisor
16-05-2022 00:31

Stellar addition to the game, QoL change that was long overdue.

Change it so there's an incentive to use it as a combat xp buff and the problem is mostly solved.
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