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05-04-2022 14:37

So as you know, we struggle to get enuf non miners to fight Kark and Antha on mining day sometimes.

It would be nice to find out well in advance if it is worth moving or not as it would cut out unnecessary journeys and orb use and the mad scramble to get there on time.

For those that want to fight them tonight, Plz post your name and I will start a list.

Also add which Bosses you want to fight please

We could use this thread weekly also, not just for tonight.

Thank you.

Players willing/wanting to fight.

TermaMatrix - Both Bosses.
Musachi - Kark
Swooshy - Both
Frag - Both
St0rmz_ Both
Runnerbean - Both
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17-05-2022 13:28

Im in today for Karkinos
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17-05-2022 15:10

I’m in for kark and antha unless a meeting pops up
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17-05-2022 15:13

I am up for all 3, but at least kark and antha lol
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17-05-2022 15:13

I can do Kark and Antha
17-05-2022 15:14

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Forum -> Bosses Board -> Mining day Bosses

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