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12-01-2022 16:33

Simply put,

Not guaranteed drop.
Gives reason to break gear
Gives reason to fight
Creates more borelium suits with useless tokens
Gives value to time for boss fight
No reason to argue that "it should be kept to woodcutting",
Other rare skilling gems are already boss drops.

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Dark Nero
12-01-2022 16:41

Depends on the reasoning.

To say well the other skill gems are used it makes sense for this... yadda yada...

Firstly what is the projected outcome? are we suggesting Jade drops would make Anders more fightable?

if this is the case what's the guarantee this will happen?

So the main issue with bosses is drops and the Jade could be a solution however looking at the long term what's the rate Jades enter the game? if there are 1-5 gems entering around every boss fight this could just effectively be another issue later down the line.

I am not against Jade added but I would rather look at every boss and tier level and base the drops and exp off a system not just for what we have in terms of bosses but any future additions. we can keep adding items here and there but to me that's just a band aid on a deep wound, that will do little to stem the issues of bosses.

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12-01-2022 16:51

He needs more good regular drops and not a rare drop, which it would need to be for jades otherwise that created more issues down the line.

If the seed bag ever happens then just more useful random seeds and make all lvl 2 bosses have a theme for their drops or something like that.
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12-01-2022 16:52

1 Jade drop per fight to 1 random player.

If this is going to cause issues for those who train skills and not combat then here's the predicament.

You up the drop rates for Jade, Lapis and
Serendibite making it fair for those who train resource gathering skills.

It's the only way to make it fair to those who don't train combat otherwise you'll just keep going around the whole skills vs combat debate.
Dark Nero
12-01-2022 16:56

Here is my concern...

you up drop rates in the resource gathering skills whilst 2 gems have no use, this is done merely to coincide with the addition of the gem to a combat drop.

where does it end?

effectively an increase to resource gathering drops would be a nice addition overall but long term the argument of 7 a week from combat plus 3 from the skill is still 10 gems with no use being added to the game over a weekly period, now the concept of one per player we will likely not see so effectively you would be looking more along the lines of 15 - 20+ gems a week added with the addition of a larger drop from resource gathering.

these are not accurate numbers but an example of the problems we could potentially face.

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God' is nothing more than a construct created by man to inspire fear and promote order.

If you wish to see me struck down, for all these atrocities, use your own hands to do so, not 'God's'.
Dark Nero
12-01-2022 17:04

I think the best solution Long term is evaluate drops and make bosses feel more like end game content.

I spent 2 years in Sea of Thieves sailing to get pirate legend to find out the end game content was watered down and just not worth it... it bugged me irritated me but I still have so much fun with PVP and fortresses that it makes playing the game worth it.

So I suggest re-evaluating drops and bringing them in line with End Game content not worrying about well you make this amount of gold from level 100 forests...

Bosses should not have a valuation cap they should be a one a day glorified loot spawn that warrants their fighting.

I am not saying go absolutely crazy but a long term solution is fixing the whole drop system of bosses not merely add in other items to attempt to create a quick fix.

until they get a proper system in place you can add every item under the sun it wont fix bosses per say just create more issues further down the line.

Again this is just my food for thought agree or disagree.

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God' is nothing more than a construct created by man to inspire fear and promote order.

If you wish to see me struck down, for all these atrocities, use your own hands to do so, not 'God's'.
12-01-2022 17:12

I'm pretty sure you can have 1 Jade drop from Anders per fight. (Exactly how Emma Book, Antha Club and Anders Sword are dropped).

These items above also have no use or purpose in the game apart from being a collectors item.

Yeah Serendibite and Lapis have no use, but also the Raipal (from a gem chest) also has no use at this current time. So we have no use for two gems, but hey let's bring in another??

We're also missing a column at the Tirnus exchange office so who's to say we aren't going to get more skill suits in the future?
12-01-2022 19:51

As a person who enjoys the bosses as a nice change to remove myself from afkness and attend with the community I like them.

But the "Boss" title it has comes with alot of different perceptions.

A boss to me is a challenging, therefore rewarding enemy.

Some of you say yeah you just need hp and the right armour and levels and etc etc but it's actually a tense, engaging time. We don't fully understand all the bosses can do yet and how different levels either reduce or multiply the damage received.

I think bosses were a great implementation and the hype and energy that came with them has some what deteriorated over time. Anders more so, as he adequately named the Deserter(..ed).

Giving anders a jade for a potential drop is not a route I would like to see us go down. We can't get serendibite or lapis any other way (even though lapis was a drop at boss launch) I feel those 3 gemz_ should stick with their corresponding skill they are acquired in.

I think more so that simply the jade drop rate should just be increased via its normal route as such the other gems as well.

I'm level 175 mining and havent got a serendibite. Others are even higher without one. This is more a different issue. But anders is not the answer.

Anders just needs to be more worthy of the time invested.
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13-01-2022 00:33

Sure, and also add Lapis and Serendibites. Take away all special drops from all non-combat skills while you're at it. Actually...

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G Bob
13-01-2022 07:57

We need another source to get jades.
I think a jade can drop from bosses, but rare, like the karki shell for example. I am close to 150 kills on karki and I got zero shells.
Or maybe they should drop more from woodcutting.
Or give us something else to do with the tokens, I have a total of ~500 now, after I sold over 100 of them, and zero jades, and nobody sells jades.

Also, after all this time, Anders is still a no. I said this before, and still nothing. Just add a few drops to Anders and we will go and fight him. You dont know what to add? just add some seeds and see what happens. Add some wood, iron ore again, fish...something.

I am sure that we have a coder that can add drops, and someone to take the decision to add or not. But we are still waiting for...something? What are we waiting for?
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15-01-2022 01:30

Bosses should only drop trash items.
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17-01-2022 16:24

This would be nice if bosses weren't time locked because smoll player base
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