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02-01-2022 16:03

I met Alf in Varamexia, he was an older guy with a great personality. Introduced me to a game that I play daily and asked of he played Syrnia we chatted a little but eventually he went quiet. Found out just a little bit ago in Varamexia that he passed away. He was good people, Rip Alf.
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02-01-2022 16:32

Don't know him personally, but i hope he'll rest in peace. I wish his friends and family lots of strength through the loss.
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02-01-2022 18:56

Just heard this myself, I knew him here and in real life and will miss him greatly. A true gentleman who always put others first, one of the nicest people I have ever met.

RIP Alf, you were an example to us all.
02-01-2022 19:09

Just heard the sad news this morning that Alf had passed. I don't think he was the oldest player in Syrnia, but was very close (mid-70's).

Following is the message sent to a fellow guildmate in Varamexia (where I knew him best) from the lady that was helping care for him. She has given me permission to post here.

Hi i am soo sorry to share this message with you that Jonathan our manager sent to us. Team some sad news but our lovely larger than life Michael in Room 1 passed away this morning. Liz was with him. He was recently admitted with respiratory and cardiac problems but in the end it was his heart that couldn't cope any more. He's now in the skies with his aircraft vapour trails. RiP Michael.

This is soo sad for us all cos we all had a special bond and friendship with him and he was due to be returning back to the home today.

Alf was one of the most gentle, kind and selfless persons I have ever known. Despite his own troubles or health concerns, he was always there first to help others before himself. Really no words are sufficient to describe the person he was.

RIP Alf. Your shining presence will be missed here, but comfort comes in knowing you are now free of your earthly pains.

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03-01-2022 02:20

Sad news indeed. I just now learned of alf's passing. He will be missed.
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