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01-01-2022 11:57

You may only access Calmere from Burning Beach with a Long Boat in your inventory or by paying 1000 gp.

~Bidou docks~

You may Construct here



Love Letter to Lady Luna*6

Fish With a Boat

Bass 125 xp
Spotted bass 126 xp

~Osis Lake~

No constructing


Cleaning the Lake*1


Net - Shrimp, Trout, Red trout
Rod - Sardine, Herring, Red herring, Mackerel

~Morrie fields~

You may Construct here
This is the only location you can grow Hop Seeds at
Hunt field creatures

Quail (12)
15 hp
24 xp

- Red Herring
- Sardine
- Cabbage Seeds
- Sunflower
- Diamond
- Moondstone
- Locked Toolbox
- Gp

Lynx (16)
17 hp
31 xp

- Cooked Sardine
- Grain seed
- Gp

Badger (20)
20 hp
39 xp

- Cooked Herring
- Hop
- Cabbage
- Sunflower
- Amber
- Moonstone
- Gp

~Sheppards hut~

No constructing

Flower shop


Learn about hops*3

Level 1 Cooking (1 Wood per Fish)

~Kingswood forest~

No constructing


Talk to the old man*2

Search the forest

- Wood
- Mule
- Moldy Chest
- Gp
- Orange Seed

Fight forest creatures

Wolverine (30)
25 hp
59 xp

- Onion Seeds
- Moonstone
- Locked Toolbox
- Locked Small Chest
- Gp

Golden jackal (31)
27 hp
61 xp

- Corn Seeds
- Garnet
- Locked Toolbox
- Locked Small Chest

Giant salamander (33)
29 hp
65 xp

- Strawberry Seeds
- Green Pepper Seeds
- Hop
- Cabbage
- Quartz
- Locked Toolbox
- Locked Small Chest

~Rima city gates~

No constructing

Entrance to the city
Rima City Pass needed - 5000 gp

~Rima city center~

You may Construct here

Rima Center Market

Trading Post

'Cave' of trades

Hidden Shop

~Rima city university~

No constructing

Study at the University
Construction and Trading studying level 80-???

University Magic

4 armor 60 magic
Morrie fields teleport orb 65 magic
4 aim 70 magic
4 power 80 magic
7 travel time 85 magic

Donate to the University
Donate any amount of gp

Learn about the threat
Emma the Teacher (Boss level 0, 2500 hp) is the starter boss. You must face her before any of the other bosses.

~Rima city Barracks~

No constructing


Open Sesame*4
Note - Start at Rima Barracks with the Scroll of the Palace in your inventory. You only need the Scroll when you start the quest.

Train against soldiers

Rima soldier (65)
65 hp
141 xp

Rima Knight (68)

67 hp
149 xp

Rima General (80)

74 hp
181 xp

~Rima city mountain pass~
!!Mounts will die if equipped when moving to this location!!

No constructing

Clear the mountain road
45 second timer
No exp
1-4 rocks, Moldy chest and a gold ore drop

~Mount Tirnus~

No constructing


Paying the fee*5
Note - You will need the scroll of the palace in your inventory.

Mine Gold ore
Mine Syriet ore (Tuesdays)
Mine Platina ore (Wednesdays)

Fight mountain creatures

Yeti (61)
60 hp
130 xp


Yeti King *(Quest mob)
305 xp

Enter the Cave

Quest Name Quest Reward
1.Cleaning the LakeYou got 10000 fishing experience. And the Ability to rod/net fish at lake.
2.An Old Man's TroubleYou got 6000 constructing experience.
3.Learn about HopsThe ability to plant and harvest Hop seeds You got 250 Hop seeds.
You got 2500 farming experience.
4.Open SesameYou got 10000 attack, defence, strength and health experience.
5.Paying the FeeYou got 1500 attack experience.
6.Love Letter to Lady LunaYou got 1 Moonstone.

A BIG thank you to TermaMatrix, Kluas(Raj), and the people of for the provided info!

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