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18-12-2021 18:49

After being at Tirnus Plateau for a week, I have decided to release the drop rate information.

Time Period : 7 days (averaging 15 hours a day)

Drop Name Quantity GP GP / Day HP HP / Day GP / Month HP / Month
Wood 136,442 68,221 9,746 292,376
Ancient Wood 1 15,000 2,143 64,286
Orange Seeds 1,208 184,824 26,403 20,536 2,934 792,103 88,011
Fruit Of Life Seeds 810 243,000 34,714 24,300 3,471 1,041,429 104,143
Turnip Seeds 707 265,125 37,875 22,624 3,232 1,136,250 96,960
Grapefruit Seeds 518 240,870 34,410 18,130 2,590 1,032,300 77,700
Totals 1,017,040 145,291 85,590 12,227 4,358,743 366,814

Start Exp 140,297,820
Finish Exp 145,354,665
Total Gained Exp 5.056,845
Exp / Day 722,406
Wood / Day 19,492

3 points of discussion:

1. Seed drop rate
1.1 - The amount of hp generated from woodcutting is roughly the same as a full time fisher and cook (based roughly around level 200)

Level 215 Fisher:

Location Timer Actions / Hour Squid HP / Hour Shark HP / Hour HP / Hour HP / Day
MD 103 35 603 236 839 12,583

Level 200 cook:

Fish Timer Actions / Hour HP / Hour HP / Day
Shark 100 36 972 14,580
Squid 70 51 1,183 17,743

With these tables we can compare the 12,227 hp generated from seeds against the 12,583 hp a level 215 fisher at MD can fish.

Theoretically a level 200 can do upto 17,743 hp on squid. But mostly on shark(best exp) is limited to 14,580 hp.

Cooking does have a minimum burn rate of 2% (so some hp loss) against no burning of seeds (crop rate is negated by crop gain).

Farming is planting once, and can do something else, against a full time fisher AND cook.

1.2 - GP value of seeds
If we instead look at the GP value of the seeds gained, 140,000gp worth of seeds is entering the game daily.

2 - Wood drop rate
We are seeing roughly 20,000 wood enter the game daily. This is equivalent to a 50k slot house every 1.5 days, or a 250k slot house every week.

3 - Exp gains
We are seeing an average of 700,000 exp a day. This is 62,000 exp whilst at the PC (drops to 40-60k on mobile). Which scales with level, as I gain 1019 exp (which is a 2% increase over the base 1000).

1. Full disclosure (as I have been accused of lying) - I bought a AW Scroll for 250,000 gp before I started at Plateau.

2. Play time over the previous weekend was lower than normal, due to travelling.

3. Seed gp value was based on 3gp per exp.


Averaging over 700,000 exp a day.
Averaging 145,000 gp a day.
Averaging 12,227 hp a day (a fisher of 215 averages 12,586 hp).
Seeds aren't affected by burn rate, raw fish are.

Edited on 27-11-2021 10:45
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19-12-2021 07:56

4 to 6 days of grow time for Oranges and Fruit of Life right? Seed drop rate does sound a little high but seeds are in no way as quick of a trun around into Hp as fish are.
19-12-2021 16:08

pro tip: build more than one farm and rotate
Anarcho FooBear
27-12-2021 11:33

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02-01-2022 18:45

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07-01-2022 23:16

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07-01-2022 23:35

I doubt this is going to be fixed, of course. As such, I'll be thinking this next week or two about possibly abandoning fishing and switching to woodcutting. Besides, due to hp and exp per hour, some cooks don't even take some types of fish unless they have nothing else or highly prefer certain raws. Why bother fishing when I can generate hp plus get all kinds of other goodies? Locked chests and all don't nearly cover the difference.
25-01-2022 11:30

As a follow up:
Since November 23rd 2021 (2 months - minus 1 week off for holiday events)
Hours have dropped a little since the 2 testing weeks (I wanted to keep the same hours in those 2 weeks for comparison).

7703 Orange seeds = 130,951 hp
5690 FoL seeds = 170,700 hp
4732 Turnip seeds = 151,424 hp
3722 Grapefruit seeds = 130,270 hp

583,345 hp

So I am averaging 300,000 hp per month.

Edited on 25-01-2022 11:37
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