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19-11-2021 21:53

I can't believe it. After joining Syrnia almost 9 years ago, it has been done. When I first joined Syrnia, only 16 players had reached the TL 1000 barrier. When I first joined Syrnia, people still made forum posts like these of them hitting TL 1000. Here I was, the 367639th player to join Syrnia and I couldn't believe how TL 1000 was even possible. (And now to see Stolo approaching TL 2000 is insane). When I first started playing this game, I never ever thought I would get this legendary, elusive achievement of TL 1000. It was a dream, a joke, a total unrealistic thing. It took me about TL 800 when I finally started to think, maybe, just maybe, I can actually hit TL 1000. Now there's more than 186 players who have reached it, and it's a common sight to see player after player hit TL 1000.

Now this may be considered spam, and obviously most people have TL 1000 with no forum post and most don't even announce it in chat. But I promised to myself, 9 years ago when I joined Syrnia and saw and was inspired by all these forum posts about joining the TL 1000 club, I promised myself that if I ever make it to TL 1000, I'd write a forum post about it. And I'm so glad I did it with just the original 15 levels.

But don't worry, this isn't just a generic tl 1000 post. As far as I know, I am the first person to reach TL 1000 without a single level of 100 or higher. I'll keep going and see just how high I can go without a single level 100+. [Any financial support would be greatly appreciated ;)]

My current stats:
Skill Level Exp Next level
Smithing 57 1442341 90501
Mining 99 10000444 358375
Cooking 99 10115262 243557
Fishing 99 10201589 157230
Constructing 65 2358833 52919
Trading 50 914122 62142
Thieving 35 260849 26873
Strength 65 2286016 125736
Health 65 2286004 125748
Defence 64 2166138 119855
Attack 82 5207322 181131
Woodcutting 79 4531487 204204
Speed 55 1277242 78075
Magic 31 172251 18097
Farming 55 1314974 40343
Combat 83 11945480
Total 1000 54534874

You have been playing Syrnia for 27717 hours and 35 minutes.
You joined Syrnia 3239 days ago, you are player number 367639.

You have killed 337888 monsters/creatures,
and 3 players.
You have been killed 21 times by a monster/creature,
and 25 times by another player.

I'm so happy I can finally say, I'm part of the tl 1000 club

Correction: Balcarres was the first player to reach tl 1000 with no level 100. Not only that, he also reached tl 1100 with no level 100, and was the first to reach level 60 in all skills. The real congratulations goes to him!
Guess I'll aim for tl 1200 with no level 100 then ;)

Edited on 23-11-2021 10:35
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19-11-2021 21:57

Pretty hype, dude! Weird goal. But hey, I eat sandpaper, so what do I know?

Good luck furthering your goal.
19-11-2021 23:23

Grats Lodes!

Get ready for first TL 1000 with no level higher than 85. Though that will be many months for sure.
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19-11-2021 23:31

Combat 147 100089437; 27/03/2019
Combat 180 200000065; 06/09/2021
Total 1195 200001433; 15/10/2020
Total 1270 255003037; 13/06/2021
Farming level: 81 (5000026 exp; 18/04/2019
20-11-2021 00:47

[2]09:03 Durins_Bane[Moria]: follow makarov around and he'll drop items before he's seen flying to Sanfew

So long, Earth. Thanks for the air and whatnot.
20-11-2021 06:45

Very cool and unique achievement Welcome to the club!
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20-11-2021 10:41

Congratulations young Lodes, you have done well.
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21-11-2021 00:17

Good work. I don't even know what my TL is. Where do you find this information? Or do you have to do math?
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21-11-2021 05:07

Haha, that is a pretty cool first for the game. Given how hard some of the less popular skills are to level getting to this milestone couldn't have been easy. I have total respect for all-rounder players, and they are some very well balanced skills. Big gratz, good luck on your very unique mission.
21-11-2021 18:51

Big Grats! Very unique
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21-11-2021 18:52

Welcome to the TL 1000 club!
8th Member of the 1000 TL club
5th Member of the 300 Fishing Level Club
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22-11-2021 18:24

Very Impressive!
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23-11-2021 15:04


What you have done is impressive. Thank you for the recognition and I wish you all speed in going forward.



Edited on 26-11-2021 15:07
2]20:08 That_Guy[Drunk]: Rofl! that was either lunacy or a strange form of genius...
25-11-2021 13:43

Congrats! Are you going to keep with the 99 trend or are you goin to hit the level 100. Either way glad to see you make it. Maybe be the first person with 99 in each skill? 👀👀 will be very pricey but you will be the first and only person who will do it. Or maybe just 99 in the main skills 😂 happy thanksgiving and congrats
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25-11-2021 13:59


Interesting approach.

It be hard to fund some other skills to 99 given how you cap yourself. I look forward to how you going to do that
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29-11-2021 10:52

Fair play to you! Welcome to the club.
Now let's push on for TL 2000
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