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19-11-2021 02:40

I recently updated my iPhone and have been having trouble moving to locations. Refresh and back buttons sometimes work, but not every time. Wondering if anyone else is having these problems and if anyone has any solutions?
Mr. Addy
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Mr Tiddles
19-11-2021 04:46

An issue with the latest update to iOS 15 is causing headaches for Apple iPhone users worldwide. ... MacRumors is reporting that iOS 15 has introduced multiple bugs within the software that are affecting iPhone 13 and Apple Watch, Apple Music, widgets and storage elements of devices
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19-11-2021 07:49

Ok thanks for the input, wasn’t sure if I was just crazy. I can’t believe apple didn’t make sure this game worked smoothly before they launched that update…
Lost Soul
19-11-2021 14:10

I updated to iOS 15 last night I’m not having any issues yet will let you know if I do
Lost Soul
19-11-2021 18:06

Can confirm I’ve had the map bug where you cannot click to move nothing happens you have to refresh in order for it to work again.
19-11-2021 20:46

Yep, have had a map bug issue since upgrading to iOS 15 that requires a refresh. It’s sporadic and not often enough to be more than a mild nuisance
Naruto Uzumaki
20-11-2021 06:23

With what Iphones cost, they should have tested out Syrnia before rolling out the update for the new iOS version, that's the least they could do.

What a letdown.
24-11-2021 20:45

Well I can fix all your issues. Its called dump the Iphone and get an android. 90% of the price on an Iphone is just the name anyways. >.>
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24-11-2021 21:07

No issues on android and i play pretty frequently at work.

Dump the crapple and get a samsung.
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24-11-2021 22:36

Yup it’s been reported

Believe it’s on the list to be looked at
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Forum -> Help -> New iOS update, issue with traveling

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