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08-10-2021 22:42

So the end of the fight is announced but can we have a notification of when the first player enters the fight plz? Maybe something like "A warrior enters the fight" or something like that?

Some ppl are joining the fight without announcing and it sometimes causes friction. Especially if someone has asked to delay the fight for a few minutes. It then warns the other players, like those that are running a bit late, of how long they have to get there.
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08-10-2021 22:45

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Sounds like a good line

But yes i like it, good shout !

Edited on 08-10-2021 22:47
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08-10-2021 22:49

I'll say yes if we can also get this added for when a player has entered the battlemage tent.
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08-10-2021 22:57

i like this idea
Thats you that is
Liu Bei
08-10-2021 23:00

+1 for both Bosses and BM
~Liu Bei~
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09-10-2021 01:23

Like both boss and battle mage announcements
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11-10-2021 22:31

Love it
12-10-2021 10:33

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13-10-2021 21:04

I like it. Make it so.
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19-10-2021 00:40

Please haha would help alot.
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20-10-2021 21:04

This item has been noted and will be reviewed by the development team in due course.
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23-10-2021 19:19

+1 with lui. Boss and bm
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