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12-09-2021 03:14

exactly what the topic suggests. an enchant that will remove some time off the timer for farming. there is already a huge timer on farming and min timer still hasnt been reached so why not make an enchant to make said time a little more bearable.

im thinking maybe a 1-5 minus farm time so thats a total of -21 seconds with a full -ft[-farm timer] enchant suit.

im not sure why it hasnt been thought of. we have cauldrons which reduce cooking time, -tt for speed. why not -farm time for farming.

the enchant can either follow the +power/aim/armor enchant or it can follow the -tt enchant this way maybe it can go upto -7 farm time per. with this we can use already ingame gems or give useless gems a time to shine and be used.

how many times have you farmers been in the middle of a timer, only 20 seconds left and events or an orb blocked you. dont you guys wish you could shave off a few seconds needed to get those fresh and ripe fruits and veggies?


tl;dr a minus 1-5, maybe 1-7 second time reduction enchant on farming. following same path as - tt enchants. use new[useless] or existing gems.
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12-09-2021 03:31

Sorry, but even at -10FT (-70FT total) i wouldn't see it as a valid use of a Farming suit. my 400 slot farm timer is usually 1400 seconds (23.33 minutes) which is almost a full botcheck at 30 minute bot option.

Crunching above info, this suit at -10ft a piece would take my Timer from 23.33 minutes too 22.17 minutes, which isn't enough to justify me wear the suit imo.
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12-09-2021 03:36

Absolutely not !

What does reaching minimum timer have to do with anything? Just because it hasn't been reached yet means nothing, just means that at some point it will.
Does it matter whether minimum timer is 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 seconds?

Farming is already an easy skill. Plant, go work on another skill, harvest, re-plant, rinse and repeat. Making a farming level already reduces your timer by 8-10 seconds per level. It's most likely a big drop due to the fact that no tool is required to plant/harvest.

And, what does having an orb dropped on you when farming justify reducing the timer even more?
A L75 at Khaya, L100 at Ammon, L120 at Tirnus plateau, L70 at Abydos, a L50 at Eylsian all have big times as well. I am unsure of cooking or smithing timers, but I am sure there are some big ones there too. Orbs would mean that those in a work timer at those locations are in the same position as a farmer at whatever location they are at. Using this logic, all skills can argue for a timer reduction suit/potion/enchant.

Just because a big work timer sucks for you doesn't mean it needs to be changed
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12-09-2021 03:36

i dont farm, just a suggestion thankyou for the feedback though
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16-09-2021 03:50

Personally, I'm not a big supporter of flat -"work time" effects in general (enchantments or otherwise). You would have a much more noticeable benefit with 50-slot farms than 400-slot farms. Percentage time reduction might be nice, which seems more appropriate for smithable tools (e.g., bronze-tiromyth spades?), but needing to carry around tools to plant/harvest farms would be mildly annoying.

As others have said, if there were an issue with farming that could be fixed, it's not with the planting/harvesting timers. Nor, really, with the rate of seed acquisition, since if you could generate 2-3x as much grown HP (compared to how things are now), some combat locations would become trivially easy to sustain without needing to Fish + Cook for food.

I do appreciate that the new combat spots on Calmere island have finally filled in some gaps in the seed drop progression (i.e., Rima Barracks, with apple through peach seeds). However, seed drop progression for combat and locked chests could use a rework, in my opinion. For example (and please correct me if I'm wrong),

Exella Mountain (up to spinach seeds, while Thick Jungle drops pumpkin seeds?) -> Kingswood Forest (worse seeds, cabbage-green pepper seeds) -> Kaldra/Mordor (better seeds, back up to pumpkin seeds again) -> Beset Catacombs (big gap, orange to pineapple seeds) -> Rima Barracks (worse again, apple to peach seeds). Perhaps I'm not appropriate accounting for the quantity (rather than quality) of the seeds, though.

Similarly, LMC (lots of cabbage seeds) -> LSC (lower thieving level and experience to open, but smallish quantities of grain-strawberry seeds) -> LAC (good number of eggplant + cucumber seeds) -> LSarc (small number of orange-pineapple seeds). Feels like there's room for another chest between LMC and LAC for green pepper + spinach seeds, another between LAC and LSarc (pumpkin-peach), and/or some room to grow (pun not intended; at Thieving level 50 or 55) for watermelon seeds and beyond.

Edited on 16-09-2021 03:52
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