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10-09-2021 22:46

New players often fight at Valera, die, lose everything and quit.
Syrnia has a new player retention problem.

This may be partially resolved by two fixes:

#1: When a new player first tries to fight at Valera, give them a pop-up (like the level-up dialogue) warning them of the consequences of death, and suggesting that they build a house before fighting.

#2: Place a quest at Valera (or Sanfew), requesting that the player gather 250 wood, and then requesting that the player build a house. Give woodcutting and construction exp as a reward. If the player already has any house, automatically give the 'quest complete' dialogue encouraging players to store their gp and valuables along with a reward.

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10-09-2021 23:11

Very thoughtful

10-09-2021 23:16

10-09-2021 23:17

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10-09-2021 23:36

The beginers house quest has been mentioned before. I agree with it 100%
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11-09-2021 00:22

Sounds Productive
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11-09-2021 00:35

[2]09:03 Durins_Bane[Moria]: follow makarov around and he'll drop items before he's seen flying to Sanfew

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11-09-2021 00:54

nope.. old players > new players
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11-09-2021 01:11

There are probably more causes for retention issues than Valera deaths. While it's likely to be a factor there are other things too which are already under consideration longer term.

Problem with quests is that it's difficult within the current system to make them engaging. It's very easy to click through text and ignore it or not understand it or even want to. It may indeed catch a few but is it likely to enhance the experience and/or act as a sufficient warning or just act as a pointless blocker to some when people want to get right to fighting anyway?

I am not going to completely trash the idea though as it's likely not a bad thought so would need to be something to review carefully.
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11-09-2021 12:14

but in regards to this the tutorial was updated for player retention, there are at least 3 areas to read about combat before a player starts fighting, as well as help chat world chat clan chat.

I just do not see a use for it.

A set of beginner quests could work overall but in regard to that my view is similar to calgors.

I am also not completely trashing the idea and also believe it could be looked at deeper as long as the reasoning is a valid one.

Edited on 11-09-2021 12:18
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