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04-09-2021 09:43

Can we get a butchery to change these @#$%@! squirrels into raw meat? Maybe we can do that for all the animals
You have married JaninaLynn ! 15:22 05-05-2009

[3]22:45 (Mod)ruboxjr[O.G.]: You are your own tribe, in and of yourself, Brown :P
2011-08-21 10:03:05 Brown(51) attacked Klom, and did 9 damage. Klom had 0 HP left.
Mr. Addy
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04-09-2021 09:49

[3] 18:38 Foxy[~one~]: *pushes all out of the way* no squishing my son >:(

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04-09-2021 10:04

I like it, makes a use for monkeys
04-09-2021 20:27

"He who does not fear the sword he holds is not worthy of holding a sword." ~Hisagi Shuhei -Bleach

"My taste in music is your face" - TøP
05-09-2021 01:43

Must find the precious...
05-09-2021 02:35

It be good eaten
[W]10:25 Bex[TLO]: your clan tag is legendary

[2] 16:42 Dregozone[Snake]: i enjoyed being in jlocks clan many years ago, he looks after you

[2] 22:57 Borneo[C.]: yeah JLock is our security advisor
05-09-2021 04:18

Jungles Edge critters - Definitely !!
Squirrels - Hell no. They give seeds
Why would I shoot a bloke BANG, then carry him to the bloody car and wizz him off to the hospital at a hundred miles an hour? It defeats the purpose of having shot him in the first place.
05-09-2021 07:37

Slay the horses for meats - yeah...hahahaha
09-09-2021 03:54

But they're cute D:
Naruto Uzumaki
09-09-2021 20:58

Squirrel and Mule cooking, Imma be rich.
16-09-2021 04:02

Unrelated but more types of cooked meat between Queen/King spider meat (15/22) and Saurus meat (50) wouldn't hurt.

Ogre, Elf, or Giant meat, anyone?
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Smithing: 81, Magic: 70, Mining: 55, Farming: 63, Cooking: 50, Woodcutting: 55, Fishing: 50.
G Bob
16-09-2021 11:36

Elf Yes. Them ears are getting on my nerves.
Lets cook them.
I Hate the dude called: I Hate BOB!

[W]09:02 Bex[TLO]: haha you rock! made me giggle for real xD

[W]16:18 fraggelmupp[TLO]: we are the normal ones, the rest of the world are just squares :P
Only users can reply.

Forum -> Feedback -> Butcher

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