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21-07-2021 22:37

Greetings Syrnians,

Welcome to another one of our development roadmaps on behalf of the team. We decided to continue from the last one and try and make them more frequent. I blame the weather for the delay. Anyway just as before we are continuing to update where we are with projects in progress, anything recently released and anything new on our list.

Usual disclaimer:
Please note some of the items listed below may be in planning and development and as a result it will not be possible to release specifics of their intended functionality. No release dates are available unless explicitly stated. In addition this list is in no particular order of priority and represents active projects within the team.

1 - Tirnus Cave Expansion
As planned, we managed to get the Tirnus Cave expansion out and overall has been met with positive or at least constructive feedback. We appreciate that there have been some queries and some elements people aren't overly fond of. We are continuing to review this feedback as well as some of the drops and mechanics from the new mobs and locations (and we can confirm there have been some temporary changes while we look into some tickets that were raised, including mimics) but we anticipate changes should be rolled out soon, change logs finalised and allowed to stabilise within the community.

2 - Let me Golgol that for you
Quietly slipped into the content alongside Tirnus, we have also added our fifth boss to the game and second Lv2 boss, Golgol the Granite Golem. Observing the activity within the newly implemented Boss Chat (which seems to be proving useful to help players organise these fights even if people don't like the colour of it), Golgol is proving to be a favourable encounter if not a little...destructive. We are aware some of their abilities are a little bit potent and we are reviewing them alongside loot for existing bosses with any changes being advised as necessary.

3 - Voting, let's +1 that idea!
As discussed in the last update, we have been overhauling the voting mechanic within the test environment which will allow us to reward players for supporting the game in various ways. A small number of players have been invited to test this process and provide their feedback to the team which is being taken onboard as we continue to progress.

4 - That New Holiday feeling
So nothing specific on this one either as we are trying to keep this mostly under wraps to keep the surprise, but the development team are working hard to develop an improved system and setup for holiday events including locations. Again we have some initial details down and a small number of players have been invited to test some of the early changes. So far things are progressing well.

5 - Piracy 2.0
We haven't forgotten Piracy. After several months working with a dedicated focus group, we have drafted a list of changes which would improve the experience for Pirate Players and potentially allow them to challenge the mainlanders with some interesting tactical options. Meanwhile on the development server we are working with some location and quest additions to improve the experience for Pirate players and fill some of the gaps in their progression.

6 - Skill 17
To wrap up, Skill 17 is still in progress, a few prototype work spots have been added, their resources checked over. Still working on some additional items here and there but it's continuing. Can't say more on it yet, not allowed. Sorry.

And that's all we have for the moment. As above, this doesn't represent our complete list of changes, we do continue to address important bugfixes as necessary, as well as review changes to existing content based on player feedback. We thank everyone who's provided their input on the testing for these features (you know who you are) and are grateful for the time they spent to help us with these projects as well as to you, the players, for continuing to work with us on this.
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17-12-2023 05:27

#5 - Piracy 2.0 - Skill Gap Suggestion

1)Make Mt Flag Viable Again, for pirates and mainlanders:
Remove iron and gold smelting option. Keep steel smelting and make it available 24/7. Make silver available every other hour.
Reasoning: iron can already be smelted everywhere, so there’s no need to beat a dead horse even more. Steel becoming 24hrs instead the randomness currently there closes the issue that was talked about in the Pirate discussion group about no real viable steel smelting outside of the PSH. Replacing silver with gold, because a 500+ timer somewhere only open in 1hr lots is virtually useless, atleast silver would get more traffic.

2)Fixing the Smithing lvl Gap: Part 2
Very simple, Add bronze smelting to Tencliff. I would assume the easiest skill gap fix ever.
Reasoning: self explanatory.

3) Fixing the Woodcutting Gap:
Create a brand new type of Forrest. This forest would cover lvl 1-40, increasing your xp as your lvl similarly how the new forest at plateau does. Based off your lvl and hatchet used, with xp cap of lvl 40 forest. It would also drop a mixture of lvl 15 and 25 forest seeds(not all, but some of each) along with hops. This forest would be where the current lvl 1 forest is at Bonewood
Reasoning: currently if a pirate joins at lvl 1, they have to cut at a lvl 1 forest until lvl 40. This is a bit absurd. The way the XP increase and the new forest seed drop possibilities would give the pirates who usually get the short end of the stick something special. The Hops is for future update where pirates can make there own black-beards rum or whatever it will be called.

4) Magical Void under lvl 20.
*This is a touchy one. Some people believe pirates shouldn’t have magic because of lore or haveing to give things up, others believe we should have it because there is no where currently for a pirate to to train magic if they aren’t already lvl 20 when they join. So here’s my solution.
Idea Add a Magic spot to Hooks for enchants under lvl 20, but it would Consume X amount of Neg Fame depending on the enchantment. If you didn’t have atleast that amount of neg fame, the enchantment cannot be done.
This would mix the lore of magic being frowned upon while also giving an option to train low lvl magic. It would also give a viable way to consume negative fame.

5) Mining gap:
Add Copper Ore to hawk mountain and Tin ore to Eckwal.
Reasoning: I have been told for years things for pirates aren’t supposed to be easy. There for I don’t see copper and tin both being at hawk like it is for the mainlanders, so it should be split between a completely safe mine and a mine on an island with auto attacks. This would close the mining gap.

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